Title: Contemplating Faults
Author: AsianScaper
Rating: G
Category: Poetry
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Summary: I was struck with an odd sense of inspiration and I started writing about the dank imperfection of man.
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Dedication: To my friends who make mistakes, like the rest of humanity. =) May we all learn perfection.
Author's Note: I wrote this during class and I can't help but marvel at all the meanings in it...that I didn't mean to be there when I actually wrote it. Hmm. Hope you derive something I didn't. =P Enjoy!


I cannot seem to grasp the reality of pain
Nor of sin so grave that yellow eyes grin below the brows
Of something worse than fear

What paths we choose, such dainty choices
Even strong fellows weep by the riverside
Of the underworld where Heaven speaks

It vows to breathe the air of Hell
That it may draw eternal happiness from it

We drink the cup of imperfection
Of dirt beyond the fiery clouds
Which crowns us better than kings
Better than laboring peasants

Drown in the wine of this chalice
Rimmed ebony from depravity
Flowing red from spilled cheats

Cry, dear Fates
For souls who choose upon choosing
Who fail even as they fail
And fear the witty fear from their blundering minds
Doggedly, doggedly
They blunder to their fates