Wash It Away

By Shino Yume

Standing here
The water is flaming hot
And it flows over my shoulders
In slow, slow motion.
With the water running,
You can not see the tears
That are flowing down my face.
I am crying, yes,
Because I can not wash it away.
I can not wash away this awful feeling,
Like a steel knot in my stomach.
I can not wash away the memories.
His smirk,His threats,His touch,
My agony, My fear, My unwillingness.
And I can not wash away the fact
Of what he did to me.
That is burned for ever in my heart.
I've been watching the water flow down the drain.
The water, my trust, my ambitions,
My dreams, My tears for the next few months,
My Innocense, And the shattered peices of my soul.
But I can't wash away these memories,
And that's what I hate most of all.
Since I can't wash them away,
I will put them away.
Or at least try to.
I don't think I can.
What's left for me now
Besides a black and lonely future?