Body Title: Writer's Block? I think not!

Author: Monnie

Rating: G

Summary: Sure we've all heard of writer's block, but what about writer's *overload*? Pure rant about having too many story ideas.

Author's Notes: Yes, people, this really happened to me.

Spoilers: There's a tiny 'Gilmore Girls" spoiler at the end.


We've all had writer's block. . .it's inevitable. But what about "writer's overload"? Too many fanfic ideas and not enough time to write them all down? Well that's the case for me anyway. So many humourous events happen on a daily basis that it's impossible to keep track of them all. Which is really unfortunate since most of them would make some excellent stories. Like the kid who got stuck in the recycling bin, for example. (Yes, that really happened...we had to pull him out!)

And then, the constant distractions don't help either. For instance, right now the T.V. is on to 'The Simpsons', I can smell the chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and the phone just rang. Hang on a second.

"Hello? What? No, I don't want to subscribe to the New York Times! Hell, I live in Toronto, how'd you get my number?!"

Okay, I'm back now. Oh look at this, I was supposed to write about having writer's overload but I just changed the subject completely! So far it took me a whole week just to write this much and I'm still not done. Well, I guess I have an excuse this time. You see, my aunt came to visit for a week so I've been *cough cough* busy. *cough*

And now I have a sudden urge to write a 'Gilmore Girls' fic. Could it be because I was watching it last night? I love that show! I love the way they're all so close to each other, it makes me so incredibly jealous! And Max and Lorelai are *such* a great couple. . . but now they're not getting married??? (at least, that's what the last episode said, before I wrote this) What is that?!

Um, umm. . . I better finish this up now so I can get on with my other stories. Hehe. . . :)


Yes, I am aware this story had very little to do with writer's overload. Sorry about that! :D Please share your opinion, and review please.