When the Time Comes

Some people speak of heroes,
Charging head-on into battle.
Others speak of villains,
Being sucked into the pits of hell.
Most speak of idols,
Laced in good and purity.
Minorities speak of miracles,
Too fearful to take life into their own hands.
What is to blame for things we have no control over?
Why do we fall subject to the need to know?
Everything must be known,
Nothing is left to chance.
The question is difficult,
As always to comprehend.
What challenge is to come,
When nothing is planned?
What pierces your mind and plagues your soul to be free?
What keeps you as a solid and loyal entity?
Let us take into a new era of understanding,
If only for the time being.
There are no gods,
There is no God.
There are no spirits,
There is no great spirit.
There are no cushions,
No second chances.
There are no free rides,
Or more than passing glances.
There is no fainting flower,
No damsel in distress.
The world has its own speculation of power,
Amidst a lawful mess.
There are no heroes,
Born of fire and blood.
There is no name every person knows,
No duels waged over rain and mud.
Our loyalties are spread to heaven and earth,
Pushing our lives aside.
We force ourselves to choose,
Which abyss to fling ourselves into.
Our decisions dictate the life we lead,
Every day,
Every lifetime.
As it is known,
There are no second chances.

And when the time comes,
For you to see yourself.
Will you be ready,
To take control?