Crystal Tears

When crystal tears fall

on the golden strands of time

and our passing lives force us to

look back and remember

some of the desires we wish to forget,

and some of the things we long to remember,

Dancing back through memories,

back again to happier times.

Tears are found to fall again

for things we often remember.

Passing through the unknown realms,

our happiest memories,

time and time again now passed

on fluttering angel wings.

Once again and long ago,

the sweetest melodies

gentle words and fallen tears,

on fluttering angel wings.

With a gentle healer's touch,

time moves past again.

Memories take our trembling hands,

and gather us in their gentle embrace

brushing away the mourning tears

that trickle down our face.

Streaming on about us,

as everyone remembers,

time has drawn the healing line,

yet we still remember,

all the things that now have gone

and what is near the future.

After time the tears will dry,

though never for forever,

time will ease the aching pain,

forever to remember.

After life has long since passed,

and we meet again

Forever in the Realms of Gold

(in which we live forever).

God has drawn the hurt away

as we dance with fluttering angel wings.


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Lady Foeseeker