All united to stand proud and tall
after and before time crumbles and falls.

Men with a call that, "in God we trust."
Memory and vengeance, find them we must.

Ever to look upon peace's great path
ever to see with tears or a laugh.

Remember the lives that now are lost
repaying with vengeance, forget not the cost.

In all of our hearts in which love lost the way
I know that the people will come then and pray.

Catching the wind and sending hope
creating some peace for those who died in the smoke.

And that once our life is not known, then we're gone,
America the mighty remains, proud and strong.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

(A/N) Um...I wrote this after 9/11 and I really like it. If you look carefully you'll notice that the first letter of every other line spells America (can't remember the name of the poem type...blah, tis crispy fried. ^_^) Um, review, please?


~*~ Lady Foeseeker ~*~