Sitting in the mirror,
There you'll find the place,
The home of the termites eating away the glass.
No more fighting in the wall,
Can't you see it at all, no more in the wall.
I wish I saw the diner in the bathroom,
Sleeping in the box outside the park.
I am nothing in this way,
I can't find this place any more,
I am nothing, nothing in this way.
Find the place in the home of the people
You despise, in the people you like.
What is the end result?
Why do the people who deserve
Never receive in this peace of the mirror that you'll never see.
Mirrors melting in the furnace inside the people.
I am not the modern major general,
Nor am I the pacifist in the world.
What is the mirror, the reflection of one's self or the reciprocal.