In 1776 the British took New York City,
And oh for the Americans what a pity!
Chased out of the whole state,
Oh what a fate!
Washington reached safety in Pennsylvania that fall,
Having only 3,000 soldiers, that was all,
Most soldiers said they would fight to December,
But after that they would dismember,
Thomas Paine's pamphlet, The Crisis,
Encouraged the soldiers and,
Washington knew one more victory would make them stay,
So they crossed over the Delaware's ices,
Silently towards Trenton they went,
While Hessian's celebrated Christmas in much more than a tent,
Caught fully by surprise,
A good attack for the Americans because not one of them dies,
Not one American was killed in the attack,
The Hessians hardly fought back,
The news quickly spread,
Good new was said,
The best news of the day,
The Patriots' cause was still alive,
But how long could that statement truly so say?