Bleak as a winter's morn,
Clad in white, she sits
Gazing into nothingness, not hearing
The calls of other white clothed souls
Beckoning her to come play,
She doesn't hear
Because he's gone.

Darkness she sees within him
He needs her, he's so close to the edge
She's helpless, how can she help him?
He dresses in black, she in white
She wants to give him a rainbow
But all he can see is darkness
And blood-red thorny roses.

The sheets are white as snow,
His skin itself like warm snow
Just a touch warmer
It's December
Who knew he'd be pushing up the daisies
This soon?
She doesn't hear
Because he's gone
And now they've come to take her away.

They think she's happy now
She wears her favourite colour all the time
They shake their heads and sigh
She says the roses are pretty this season
She wants some on her grave
Softly floating
They shake their heads and sigh
She doesn't hear
Because she's gone.