by Vincent Seyuri

Angeli is pure and sweet,
long brown hair and swift on feet
The way she sings would make you cry
the way she dance would make you shy
Angeli be short and squat;
but try outrun her, ask her what
she hides in deepest depths of purest eyes

Angeli be pure and she has never seen,
and what simple cruelty might mean
Angeli will dance for them some night
And for Angeli there will be a fight
Angeli cries out when hitting wall,
those Others laugh at the

In perfect misery my Angeli lies
In perfect misery she cries
I fear that I'll be far from her that night
but when I hear, fear will grant a grieving lover flight
On borrowed speed of Stag I'll run,
my heart be pounding of what Others might have done

In fear of Them she whimpers at my touch
For her I cry that it hurts her all that much
Now that she has felt the Evil's sting,
for Angeli, what will future bring?
I know the pain that cruelty wrought
and in it's face I know how all of
seem naught
But Angeli, my dearest friend,
feel my arms around you bend
this embrace may heal and comfort:

This close to her, I feel her trembles even more
for her to calm, to trust, I her implore
I lick the blood of open wounds from skin,
for her to understand that in this position I have been:
alone, afraid and without help
A thing like that can make those of bravest hearts yelp
in agony and fear

Angeli must know that this will never come to be
and Angeli must know that she is free,
not bound with chains of evermores and hate,
and that time is still: it's not too late!

Know that I be here,
holding you so near
Your blood on concrete street
will make the heart of our Freedom beat
Our minds will, unlike others, last so much longer,
for Angeli: we are stronger!

With all my heart I love my Angeli,
and Angeli, with purest heart, love me

Copyright © 2001 Vincent Seyuri. All rights reserved.