Deticated to : our dreams of traveling through the stars

I gaze up at them shining as we dance around in them in the night sky , I look at them as I am dancing and imangine I am among them watching a childiren dancing in the fields .

I watch one of neighbors burst into flames as a supernova , and learn why Andromeda never cried many tears , I watch them and let them flood my senses , I listen to their songs they sing to put me to bed intently , as I dance under them dreaming .

I travel through the heavens , and wonder will the sky catch on fire , I feel so alive as I watch the sky set on fire , will the crosswinds blow , all I can see now is the waves and the stars as I set sail in a endless ocean of dark seas .

I feel alive for the first time , I just want to let go and sail on open seas through the stars on a small sailboat , sailing the exotic waves of space .

Do the winds blow out here in the cold night sky , do the fairies fly here , what colors do I see but a dark sea of color .

Will the sky burn tonight , who is at the stake other then me , will the sky awake in a twisting mass of violet flames will the sky and me burn togather .

What will happen to me and the sky tonight , what will happen to the stars , they shall fall along with the sky on fire down to the earth at high tide at noon .

Will the tides set on fire tonight along with the water , will the sails of the boat fail to carry me elsewhere , will tonight be the end , will the last thing I see be the stars tonight .