Author's Note: Hi, thanks for reading my poetry, if you can call it that. If you don't understand it, if it doesn't make sense, that's okay, perhaps I'm the only one who is supposed to understand its meaning. To read this correctly, you need to start at the bottom and read up. Why is it like that? I'm not really sure why. When I wrote, it made more sense to write it that way, so intend for people to read it that way. Thanks for reading it, please review if you're so inclined, and please read some of my other works as well. ~Setsuna

And together, that makes us Ours.
I am Mine, and you are Yours
Which makes us our Others
I am My Self, and you are Yours
I am Your Lover, and you are Mine
I am Your Love, and you are Mine
I am Your Mother, and you are Mine
I am Your Child, and you are Mine
I am Your Brother, and you are Mine
I am Your Son, and you are Mine
at Once
and More
You are
and Every Other, a Self
Every Lover, its Love
Every Mother, her Child
Every Brother, his Son
and Every Self, an Other
Every Love has a Lover
Every Child, a Mother
Every Son has a Brother
My Self, My Other
My Love, My Lover
My Child, My Mother
My Son, My Brother
You are-