Project: Zero


The stench of rotting garbage filled his nostrils. Groaning, he groggily moved through the trash heap he lay on. He opened his eyes wearily and spilled out of the large rubbish container. "Where.?"

Plucking a rotting discarded banana peel off his wild blonde hair, he looked down and examined his jacket. The dark blue jacket hung loosely around the sleeves and snugly around his body. His baggy jeans sported numerous stains from the trash dumpster he awoke on. He looked at his black t-shirt underneath his unzipped jacket- it sported a decal of a large yellow "Z" in a strange stylish font. "Where am I?" he asked himself. Then he froze and asked, "Who am I?"

It was the middle of the night when he finally wandered out of the alley where he found himself. He didn't know where he was going- he just kept walking. His mind was a dizzy haze of blackened foreign thoughts rushing through his head. He squeezed his eyes tightly as he tried to dig up any familiar memory of his past and identity. He kept walking for hours and could still find no answers to his self-imposed questions. His heavy boots thudded against the pavement of a desolate road as he kept on walking in a semiconscious daze.

Suddenly, the road in front of him lit up. When he realized that the light was coming from behind him he turned around and saw two pairs of bright lights slam into him.

"Oh shit!" A voice screamed as the lights shut off. The large powerful beast that had crashed into him left him lying motionless on the ground a few meters away- a thick streak of red spattered all over his face and the road. A brief clicking and clunking of a machine filled the air as three pairs of feet ran over to his still body.

"You idiot!" One screamed at another, "You've killed him!"

"Hey! You're the one who was driving, bitch!" the other voice shot back at the first.

"fuck, stop it!" the third yelled silencing the other two, "We gotta' do something about this guy!"

"Well what?" the female second voice snarled, "What the fucking hell was he doing out here anyway? In the middle of the fucking road?"

"What the hell were you looking at? If you were driving you should've seen him!" the first voice screamed at the second.

"Look, calm down both of you!" the third shouted.

The three continued their shout-out war- totally unnoticing of their accidental victim who had just moved his face.

"Dude! Did you see that?" The first asked.

"See what? The third asked.

"The guy just moved!"

"No way. He's gone."

"I swear I saw him move!"

"You're too stoned to even see straight."

"Look! He moved again!"

"Stop fooling around, please!" the second voice pleaded, "We're in serious trouble!"

"I'm not fucking fooling! Look! He's alive! . Look! See that? Right there! He moved again!"

"Shit, it's too dark to see out here," the third voice grumbled, his footsteps headed straight for their machine, "I'll turn on the car's headlights."

The road was soon illuminated in a faded white glow. His body lay on the road, a pool of blood spreading from his face. The third came back to his side, knelt down and pressed his two fingers to the stranger's throat. "Nope. He's gone," the third muttered.

"I saw him move! He's alive, I know it!" the first snarled, shoving the third figure out of the way. The first figure held the motionless stranger by his head. "Ewww! Feels like the skin and flesh of this guy's face scraped off on the pavement."

Suddenly, the stranger stirred. "See! He's alive! I told you!" the first shrieked to the others as the stranger gave a loud groan. " Dude, you alright?"

But to his surprise, the stranger got to his feet and stood up rubbing his face. With his back to the head light's glow, the three people shivered at the thought of looking at his mangled face should he turn around into the light. And their fear soon came true. "What the fuck are you?" the third trembled.

"I. don't know." the stranger replied wearily, rubbing his neck as if nothing at all happened, totally oblivious to the fact that half his face was torn away and squirting blood all over the road.

The three ran back to their car and dove in it. With a loud sputtering of an engine and the squealing of tires, the light that lit up the road faded and disappeared back into the darkness from whence they came. The stranger looked on confused. "What scared them?" he asked himself innocently.

Suddenly, he felt tired. He rubbed his face and his wound. "They were like me," he murmured, "they knew who they were. so why don't I?" He sat down on the side of the road on a patch of thin and yellowed grass. Yawning, the stranger fell flat on his back and became still once more.