It was clear to me that night-that first sleepless night that I had escaped the boundaries of my expected self. "What is this?" I asked myself thoughtfully. "And why now?" It was obvious what it was there was no mistaking the type. However, the simple factor of time was a sure shot to the sense of everything. Yes, why now? When I had waited for so long, as if it was an endless wait for something that was there all along. I realized then that I stood corrected for it /was/ an endless wait for something that was there all along. This realization was completely unbearable. I had decided upon sleep but sleep was nothing but impossible though the morning was yet new. How could one sleep through such a thing-through such thoughts? The excitement was tolerable but the thoughts were forever there. How could I expect myself to sleep in time of such exciting thought? This new thought was somewhat painful as I decided to, at best, lay my aching head upon a pillow where I would further examine the astounding complexity of my thoughts. This was near the point that I realized I had lost all sanity and so I reached for my pen and paper. I had successfully prepared myself to write. Brilliant.