Stares out the window
at the beauty that's out there.
The snowflakes falling, clothing
the branches that were bare.
Taking note of every detail
locks it in her mind.
easy access, somewhere safe
somewhere she can find.

Then a rap on her knuckles
brings her mind back to the class
As the teacher says
"Tell me what I said last"
and she can't tell him that
but she can tell him what's outside,
but that's not what he wants
so the cane marks her hide.

"You've got to stay focused in here
ignore what goes on around
Only see what you're told to
ignore any foreign sounds.
Don't stop to look at beauty
you're only wasting time
Don't try to recall beauty
it'll clutter up your mind."

After several meetings with the cane
her curiousity's burnt out
She's become the perfect student
and stops trying to look about.
Ignores everything of beauty,
confines her mind to the halls
Bricks up all the windows
and turns them into walls.

She's learnt to focus in here
ignore what goes on around
Only sees what she's told to
ignores any foreign sounds.
She don't stop to look at beauty
doesn't want to waste time
but in her dreams she seeks the beauty
she locked deep inside her mind.

Now many many years have passed
through summers, springs and fall.
The seasons no longer change so much,
as concrete covers all.
And a grandchild asks the question
"What did it look like with plants?"
And her eyes stare in the distance
as she goes into a trance.

The grandchild sees her staring,
apparently at nothing at all.
But her eyes are making a window,
through the solid bricks of the wall.
And out the window she can see
the beauty that was there.
She can see the snowflakes falling, clothing
branches that were bare.