John Macort - Head of Talon Satellite Base

Talon Satellite is a satellite that can and will save mankind some day. It watches out for all the dangers from space. It relays data and tells you how long you have. The satellite is about five years old now. Due to budget cuts it cannot be updated, repaired, or rebuilt unless there is an emergency. The man that thought of the satellite was John Macort, the designer was Heather Dike, and the man that could read the information was Marc Yelst.

John Macort was called at home and told that there was an emergency with the satellite Talon. He was told that a meteor had hit it and that it was not relaying data. He called Heather Dike who was the designer of Talon. She was rushed to the base too. We all looked and could not find the problem. If we couldn't find the problem here there was only one other choice. Go up there.

We called NASA and told them about the problem. They had known about it too. They told us that they could not find the problem either. We talked with them and they were flying us out there personally.

When we arrived we got on any available computer trying to find out what was going on. We still could not find anything. We were getting weak signals, which make us think that it is an antenna problem. That is something that we cannot fix down here. We talked about what we could do. We knew that we could not wait too long incase of a problem.

Then NASA volunteered to scrub the mission that they were working on for a month from now. They were going to give us the shuttle, four astronauts, and two of us a ride to space. We had one month to get ready for the flight. This was great now we could go up there and fix her up some.

The training that Heather and Marc had to go through was rough. They had to know how to get out of the shuttle incase of an emergency, they had to be able to swim with a full EVA suit on, and how to live in space. While they said it was hard they loved every bit of it.

The month flew by and the time for the launch was here. They had to be put into quarantine from everybody other than there crew. They just met the full crew today. The commander was Tim Reins, the pilot was Sara Hawk, the first mission specialist was Jeff Williams, and the second mission specialist was Tara Crey. Heather would be performing most EVA's with Jeff and Tara. This was the first time that NASA let three people go out of the shuttle. Marc would stay inside and try to get all the data from it.

The day of the launch was here. Everything was going according to plan. Then the shuttle lifted off. They were settled in space after 20 minutes.

They had to do 12 orbits before they would catch up with Talon. They started suiting up for the EVA. Marc had gotten some more data from Talon but nothing to good. They had finally caught up with Talon.

The pulled out the RMS, Remote Manipulator System, and then grabbed for Talon. They got it on the first try. They pulled it back into the cargo bay and then the three went out.

When they got out they found a lot of damage done to the satellite. It had broken antennas and dents all over it. It would be hard to determine what was wrong with it up here, but Heather would try.

After four days Heather and the other two got the satellite working right. They were going to leave it in there until the morning and then release it. They went back in and had dinner and then went to sleep.

The next morning when they went to release Talon it got stuck. They couldn't fire the engines because it could hurt the shuttle. They tried everything and the only thing left was to give it a push. They turned on the engines for a second and then they couldn't turn it off. It started shaking the shuttle.

Then it broke off and the shuttle went flying back. The people in there started slamming into all the walls of the shuttle. After five minutes they got the shuttle under control. Tim called out to make sure everybody was ok. There were a few cuts but nothing serious. Then the master alarm went off. They started searching the shuttle but couldn't find anything. They called down to ground control to let them know what happened.

They told them that the master alarm was going off. GC told them that it wasn't anything to worry about. So they signed off and were getting ready to come in. They went downstairs to get the payload specialist seats ready when they noticed smoke coming from the floorboards. They opened the hatch and the wires were shorting out. They grabbed a fire extinguisher but they couldn't get it out. It shot a fireball up into the mid deck and caught everything on fire.

This was the last that we heard of the rescue team. Their shuttle came back in through an over ride. Their bodies were found but burned to death. The fire took all of their oxygen and, burned them to death at the same time.

To this day there is a plaque at NASA and at the Talon base remembering the crew of Triumph.

Authors Note: None of this story is true.