She laughs

It was one of these parties in town where next day all local newspapers and channels would report about. I wasn't really important enough to get a personal invitation to such a social gatherings, but I was from one of the local newspapers and like every paper we got an invitation for two members of our editorial staff. The chief editor decided to send Ildikó and me. So it came, that I stood with the older woman between all the important people. I looked at her and wondered if it was a strange coincident that this eccentric woman had such a eccentric name or if a name can influence a persons personality.

She was strange for sure. I only knew a few things about her. She was married and had two kids. At the first sight one would tell that this is an old-fashioned woman, who loves her family, her house with the little garden that is probably very tidy.

Her desktop, which was always in a great mess, was an indicator for me that this wasn't the full truth, that it was just the surface.

We now worked together for two month but I had never made efforts to learn more about her.

No one of our staff had tried it. She was just there, not talking a lot, just doing her work.

"Here are many leading members of the local Christian Democratic Union around. I wonder how it comes. I've never seen them be for on such a party." Ildikó s words brought me back to reality.

"Maybe they have to show up here and the promoter of the party pay them their next election campaign. With regard to their last results they need it badly." I answered with a grin.

To my surprise she laughed out loud. I couldn't remember to hear her laughing before. I smiled; I like it much, if people laugh about my jokes, especially at parties when I give my best.

"You're so humorous. Girl, I love your columns. It's the first I read every Sunday in our paper." she grinned and raised her glass to me.

I raised an eyebrow and surveyed Ildikó. She was nearly 40 and still good-looking. This evening she looked striking. On a masked ball she would have won the first prize for her costume. The problem was, we weren't on a masked ball, but on a party with leading people of the town. Everybody was wearing business suit. Everybody except Ildikó. I had no idea what was going on in her head when she made the decision for this Alice-in-the-Wonderland-alike-dress. On the one hand it made me angry because some people were staring at us und grinning on the other hand I admired her for not to be so conform.

We walked around and did a lot of small talk this evening.

Around midnight we left. Work does not wait for a journalist and both of us needed some sleep. She brought me back home because I had to left my car there. I had one glass of "Caipirha" to much.

I like sitting in a car on the passenger seat by night and watching into the darkness. No one was saying a word. I noticed that she was the only journalist or PR-guy I know who wasn't talking the whole time. I liked it that she was so quit. It had an relaxing effect on me.

"Where should I leave the high way?" she broke the silence.

"Oh just the next possibility." I said looking out of the window.

"It was a nice evening," she said.

"No doubt, it was," I replied.

"You drank a bit," she said and looked at me. I saw a little smile on her face.

"So sorry, next time I will drive," I murmured. Her smile grew bigger.

"No problem." and after a while, "But next time we go on a party, I will accept your offer and you'll drive."

Subsequently there was silence again and some minutes later we arrived at my address.

"Good night and sleep well." She said.

"You too." I simply answered. She looked into my eyes and I looked into her blue ones, then she bent forward and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek. I smiled at her and left the car. I knew, that next morning there would be a new friend in the office.