A/N: I wrote this poem after a school day which had begun like each Friday before but which changed during the first lesson into something that can hardly be described. Our fear, our terror were so great!


School like every day,

First lesson English.

We were talking about some test,

Would get it back in a few minutes.

Our teacher read out some funny things,

But suddenly a harsh cry.

We thought Bastian had been joking again.

But this time, he wasn't.

His face red, muscles cramped.

He slipped from his chair,

Killian tried to hold him.

An epileptic seizure.

No one knew what to do,

Everyone was shocked, felt helpless.

A doctor was called,

the headmaster came.

No one could help him.

Lying on the floor, spitting blood.

Just standing around, doing nothing.

Shivering, crying.

The doctor threw us out,

Had to wait outside.

Wouldn't have been able to stand it without Christian.

Afraid himself, but tried to help me.

Sitting around, everyone was cold.

After an eternity Bastian was lead away,

To hospital, we learned.

After all, we said, he had been able to walk again.

The shivers stayed, the coldness didn't go away.

English didn't go on that day,

The Latin test was canceled.

Everyone felt helpless,

No one knew what to do.

A/N: Luckily Bastian had been able to come to school again after the weekend and is fully okay now!