Why in the heck do I love YOU?!
By Steffers
Dedicated to... Joshy!!!! just because we all love him and he got on the t/f team!

Maybe it's the way you smile
or maybe the way you talk
maybe it's your cute eyes
or just the way you walk

prehaps it's because you're nice
or prehaps the way you sing
it COULD also be the way you smell
like a fresh day in spring

Maybe it's the way you look at me
or hoy you kiss my lips
or maybe it's the way we dance
how you rest your hands on my hips

Maybe it's the way you think
maybe it's the way you dream
maybe it's how you make me feel
or how your love flows like a stream

maybe it's just because
just because your you
that makes this connection between us...
always seem so true.:)