THe girl with her Guitar
Dedicated to... Rob!!! The Driz!!! ^_^
By Steffers

She sat strumming her guitar
playing her song for him
he watched her from afar
her heart he was determined to win

she sang in her angelic voice
the notes rang in his ear
it seemed to brighten up the dark club
and it made him start to fear

if she could sing so perfectly of love
maybe he had no chance
her song lured stars down from above
and couples began to dance

but he stood motionless watching her sing
she trembled afraid her love would show
all he saw was a beautiful thing
all she felt was her heart beating slow

the song ended and she got up
carrying her guitarv across the stage
the audiance cheered and smiled
amazed by her talent at her age

a little later she stood outside
watching all thoes stars
she hoped her song showed the love she hides
her love that was trapped behind iron bars

He saw her standing in the pale moonlight
then walked up next to his angel and smiled
she turned suprised to see him there
and got butterflies like a child

he cleared his throat and moved a bit closer
then he looked out at the sky
"Stars are beautifull" he said
looking way up high.

He turned to her to proclaim his love
but fear stopped him and caught up it's true
to his surprise she moved closer smiling at him
then said, "i think i love you."

He stood astounded in total shock
she felt the same way all along this was real!
he gazed into her hazel brown eyes
and couldn't believe this was how she could feel.

His heart told him what to do next
as he bent down, a shooting star he'd miss
her warmth he could feel all around him
he nelt close and gave her a kiss

from somewhere inside the club
a song was being played
but out here on the balconey
the guy relized he'd soon get laid!!!!

Lmao sorry... i know it was all sweet and cute. so if you don't like the ending ignor it. I just thought it be cute!