I am sick of this world
Where acceptance means
'Be exactly like me'
With an unspoken 'or else'

Or else - tear you with words
Cut you with our laughter
I'll save you the trouble
And do it myself

Tell me it's just a joke
'Why can't you lighten up?
Stupid little fool - you'll
Never be like us'

Do you see me laughing?
Watch the metal glinting
The blade against my wrist
Do I amuse you?

Isn't this what you want?
See my blood dripping down
Doesn't hurt anymore
I'm used to it, see?

Why aren't you laughing now?
Doesn't this make you happy?
I'll put it through my heart
Just like your sharp words

Here's the punchline - listen!
As my life starts to fade -
Now you can see the blood
From the cuts you've made!