Chapter 24

Escape again!

Claudette reluctantly left Aaron in the room, after discussing their escape plan.

They decided it was best to drop in a letter to her uncle at the start of their journey.

When Claudette arrived back to Frenal's home she made her way to her chambers and caught up on sleep. Aaron on the other hand tried to conceal his newfound joy around Frenal.


"Frenal I think you've had enough to drink, maybe you should head home and sleep it off, tomorrow is a big day," lectured Captain Wilstadt.

"I..I ttthink yyou mighhht bee right, I ggot to get home and sees Claudette," slurred a very drunk Frenal.

Captain Wilstadt guided him into his carriage. "Now you get a good night's rest Harris."

"Thank you," he replied, as the carriage sped off.


Claudette snuck down the dark staircase clutching a candelabra. She reached the stairs and made her way to the back entrance, near the stables. She stretched for the door and jumped back when the door struck her. The candles immediately smouldered out.

"Claudette? Ish that you?" Drawled Frenal.

"W What are you doing here?" she stammered

"Why thish is ma ome, wwhere ar you goin?"

"N No where," she quavered.

"Oh nonsenth you where ethcaping, why I should punish you for tthat."

She retreated from the drunken man but his reactions where not as slow as she thought. He reached out and grabbed her slinging her over his shoulder.

She kicked as hard as she could but he wasn't resisting.

"Put me down Frenal, now," she shouted.

He just chuckled in response, and made his way up the stairs.

He stomped in to the chamber she had just left and deposited her roughly on the bed.

"Now I'm going to teach you a lesson, you can't escape me," he said as he pinned her to the bed.

"Stop now please stop," she cried.

He silenced her with a brutal kiss, and caressed her flushed cheeks.

He muffled cries soon tapered off as she realised that he wasn't moving.

She pushed him off her hard, and straightened her hair.

"You bastard," she muttered to herself.

She tore up some bed sheets and tied him to the bed, she then gagged him.

"I think you need to be punished more," she smirked.

She reached about his waist and revealed a small dagger.

"Now what to do," she mused.

She straddled him and intricately carved the words 'Slatnia's first Idiot' on to his forehead.

"Now that's going to scar bad," she stated as she silently left the room with a cunning smile on her lips.


She met Aaron at the meeting place.

"What took you so long?" he asked.

"Oh I had to take care of something," she smirked.

"What did you do?" He inquired giving her a baffled look.

"Lets just say that Frenal won't be making any public appearances anytime soon."

She gave him one last cheeky grin before galloping into the darkness with Wiccan.

"Hey wait for me," he cried as he took off after her.