Author's Note: A random piece I wrote a while ago, that really sucks. IF you want to take the time to read this, be my guest. And if you're gonna read it, review it too. Enjoy


Her lungs cried out in agony as a woman clad entirely in black, save for white sweat pants, took another breath of air in hopes that she might continue running. In her younger days, she had been an excellent runner but after her father had been killed, she had taken up smoking to calm her nerves and it had been all down hill from there. Now a days it was a struggle just to keep up with the creatures of the night she hunted, let alone slay them when the bastards stopped running. A curse fell from her lips, as she tried to ignore the pain; the first thing she was going to do after this was over was kick her deadly habit. And speaking of things that were deadly, the sandy-haired blonde smiled faintly as she watched the emotional vampire she had been chasing scurry into an alley way - one that she knew was a dead end.

Slowing her step, she moved into the alley seconds after the vampire, her katana drawn and ready her hand. For a second she was motionless, allowing herself time to catch her breath, and to let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the narrow alley. Thankfully, the vampire was smart enough to notice the silver katana in her hand and did give her that well needed recovery time; if the monster had come for her right away, she might not have made it. Sword ready for an attack, the vampire hunter decided to press her luck, and attempt to back the vampire father into the alley. "What's the matter, vampire? You afraid of something?"

The beast, who was wearing the flesh of a non-descript, blue-haired youth, narrowed its eyes on the woman coming towards him, and as the hunter expected it moved farther back into the darkness. "I'm not afraid of you, bitch," it hissed in response, trying to sound fearless, but its tone was just the opposite. It knew who its to-be executioner was, and her reputation scared the hell out of it; it didn't want to end its unlife so soon.

Another step towards the vampire. "Please... don't try to fool me. I was trained to tell when people were lying to me. Now, be honest, you know who I am, don't you?" Gripping her katana with both hands, she froze in place waiting for the creature's reaction. One more step, and she'd have the vampire backed up against the wall, and then she could swiftly remove its head from its body.

"You're the one with many names," it responded, pausing to take another step backwards. Feeling the cold brick of the alley's wall behind it, it continued, hysteria creeping into its voice. "They call you Alexander Miles... and Harle Terrance... My master warned me to keep an eye out for you, and if you kill me, he'll know where you are, and hunt you down like -"

Bored with the vampire's fearful chattering, Alex slashed upwards taking a half step as she did. The vampire's head bounced to the pavement with a sickening plop, followed by the sound of the rest of the now empty body hitting the ground knees first before falling onto its face. One less vampire and one more soul at rest thanks to her, and yet it didn't make her feel any better. This one was just a minion to the one that had killed her father... she hadn't made progress in slaying her friend's murderer. Frustration taking her, she fell to the ground in a manor similar to the corpse's, and drove her free hand into the ground angrily. She had to avenge her fallen comrade... but instead she was stuck slaying minor vampires when her companion Lapis had the power to lead her to bigger fish...! She sighed, her rage leaving as quickly as it had come. Pissing and moaning wasn't going to get anything done, but slaying enough of the Shadow King's vampires would. Alex stood slowly, assuring herself of that and sheathing her katana. At least this one hadn't been too much of a problem, and hadn't offered to escort her to hell like so many of the others had.

A grim smile touching her face at that thought, she reached into the breast pocket of her leather trench coat and fished out a cigarette and her zippo lighter. Without thinking, she jammed the cancer stick into her mouth, and lit it up, replacing the lighter in her pocket when she was finished with it. Still not realizing that she was breaking the promise she had made herself to quit smoking when she had been chasing the vampire, she took a long drag off of the tobacco-filled cylinder and walked out of the alley casually. It was then that she realized what she was doing.

Dropping the cigarette, she smashed it into the concrete without mercy, and frowned. Once again, her hands went back to her breast pocket, and she withdrew the pack of cigarettes. She flipped open the top and gazed in at them with forced disdain; nearly half a pack left to tempt her. Still, they were expensive, and it would be a shame to waste them... and beyond that, her nerves were a little jittery after fighting the vampire.

"I'll finish 'em tonight, and quit tomorrow," she mumbled to herself, already fumbling to light the cancer stick. "Yeah... it wouldn't be right to waste what's left... I mean there's only a few more. I'll stop tomorrow. Tomorrow."