A/N: I had to write this for English a few weeks ago, and reeeeeally enjoyed it. So, I though I'd post it! ^_^

Once upon a time (not very long ago), in the faraway town of Vilton, there lived a young boy named Lee. Lee was a happy, average child, living with his mother and father. Lee's parents were very hardworking, and had raised a lot of money. However, when Lee was five, his happy life was suddenly shattered. Lee's father had died.
Lee and his mother were distraught, but a year later his mother remarried: A terrible man named Frank, with two sons named Keith and Vincent. Lee hated them all instantly. Unfortunately, fate took a turn for the worse when Lee was six, as Lee's mother also passed away shortly after her wedding. Frank quickly tore up her will saying all she owned now belonged to Lee, and then greedily moved in on Lee's inheritance, taking it for himself. Frank, Keith, and Vincent quickly dropped the kind pretense, and began to treat Lee like a slave immediately.
All day, Lee was forced to clean the house, tend to the garden, and cater to his stepfamily's every whim. Meanwhile, he was allowed no time to care about himself. He was only allowed to wear ragged clothes, and was almost always dirty. Eventually he became so covered in dirt and dust; his family began to scathingly refer to him as "Ashlee", soon forgetting his real name. Ashlee, as even he reluctantly began to refer to himself as, still hated his stepfamily with a vengeance. He'd often considered running away, but where would he go? He knew the streets of Vilton where not safe at night. So Ashlee patiently waited, waiting till he was old enough that he would be able to live his own life.

Ten years later…

Ashlee was still waiting. He was now a young man of sixteen, and still treated like a slave. He'd tried to run away once already when he was eleven, regardless of the risks, but Frank had gone out and found him. Ashlee was quite surprised by this, thinking maybe Frank did care about him, but it was an investment: Frank was more interested in keeping Ashlee around to work for them.
Ashlee sighed. It had been a very long day. He'd pruned the trees, mowed the lawn, scrubbed out the swimming pool, swept the veranda, polished the floors, vacuumed the carpet, re-swept the veranda because Keith and Vincent though it would be funny to kick dirt up all over it while he wasn't looking, cooked dinner, washed up afterwards, and then made everyone's beds. Ashlee looked around his small room unhappily, and then climbed into bed. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

* * *

"Father, for the thirteenth time, NO!"
Charmina Preencez stood before her father, Mayor Preencez, and glared at him. Her father shifted uncomfortably, and said, "Darling, it's a wonderful idea though. In all logical sense, it's -"
"I don't CARE about logical sense! What about emotional sense?"
"Charmina, you are now almost seventeen years old, and you are yet to find a boyfriend. I am getting old - I was old before you were born - and I want to at least live to see my grandchildren, or at least my daughter happy. And besides, it'll be your birthday."
Charmina felt guilt rise up in her. It was never easy being the daughter of the Mayor of Vilton. For one, she'd never known her mother. Elena Preencez had died at Charmina's birth, and Charmina never had anyone she could relate to. Sure, she had her father, but with all his obligations, it was like he was Vilton's Mayor first, Charmina's father second.
Secondly, it was hard for her to make friends. Being the daughter of what was almost considered royalty in Vilton, most other teenagers her age thought she was a snob, especially the girls. Every time Charmina tried to make friends, she was rejected. Once, Charmina had tried seeking the friendship of boys instead - and friendship was all she was after - but it was hampered by what Charmina now believed to be a mixed blessing: her eye-catching beauty. Most boys were more interested in her face and body, rather than Charmina herself.
Charmina sighed, and looked at her father. "Okay, I'll agree to this stupid… to this disco. I know you just want me to try and find someone I love. But I'm only agreeing on one condition."
Mayor Preencez blew out a sigh of relief, and asked, "What's that?"
"You let me dance with whoever I want. Not one of your friend's sons, and not the son of someone else in a position of political power. You let me dance with whoever I want."

* * *
Ashlee sighed and put down his mop. "Yes, stepfather?" he called back, adding "You lazy swine," under his breath.
"We're out of grog! Go get some more!"
Ashlee grimaced. In the past few years, Frank had become very partial to alcohol. It worried Ashlee: not that Frank would get sick, no, he could care less about that. He was worried that Frank would resort to domestic violence to get his ways.
Ashlee quickly showered, trying to wash away the accumulation of grime and dirt that had built up on him, and changed into the least pathetic clothes he could find. Grabbing some money out of Frank's wallet, he exited the house and trudged down the road to the supermarket.
Ashlee walked in, grabbed the cheapest bottle of beer he could find, and went and bought some more fresh vegetables and meat for their dinner that night. While he was standing in line at the checkout, Ashlee's eyes wandered over to the notice board at the front of the store. Normally it was full of ads for people trying to sell their couch, or asking about a missing dog. Today, however, it was fully covered in a bright expanse of light blue paper.


Ashlee felt his heart stop. He would have given anything to go to that disco. Charmina Preencez was the daughter of Mayor Preencez, and it was common knowledge that she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl in the entire town of Vilton. Everywhere she went, boys would turn their heads and stare wistfully after her, and girls would stick their noses in the air and drag their semi-conscious boyfriends after them. Ashlee quickly paid for his groceries, and ran all the way home.

* * *
Ashlee hadn't even asked, he'd just told Frank about the disco. It suddenly occurred to him just how malicious Frank could be.
"Why not?" Ashlee asked, grating his teeth together. "Because I just said so, you ungrateful little pig. This is MY house, and while you're living under it, you'll obey MY rules. End of story. Now go finish your work."
"Besides," Keith jeered, "You don't have anything you could wear there."
"And who'd want an ugly thing like you there anyway?" Vincent added, sneering.
Ashlee sighed, tried to hold in the urge to grab the nearest blunt object and bash his stepfather's head with it, and walked away. What was the point in arguing? There was about as much chance of Frank giving in as there was of Charmina driving by his house and inviting him to the dance - in other words, none.

* * *

The days went by quickly, and before Ashlee knew it, it was September 3rd. Frank, Keith, and Vincent had already left, to go help setup the disco: to the general people, they acted like helpful members of the community.
Ashlee suddenly threw his broom on the floor. "Stuff this", he said out loud. "Everyone else in Vilton is having a good time, I'm not going to hang around here working."
Ashlee locked the house up, and began to walk down the road meaninglessly, just trying to get away from his life for a while. After about five minutes of silent walking, he sat down on the side of the road. He could just faintly hear the noise from the disco in the distance. Feeling incredibly depressed, Ashlee hung his head and stared at the ground, when all of a sudden a large roaring noise came towards him.
Ashlee looked up and saw a cloud of dust in the distance. As it grew closer, Ashlee could see it was a motorbike, complete with the typical stereotyped bikie riding it: very bulked up, unshaven face, black leather jacket, leather boots, dark red helmet, and sunglasses so black it made the surrounding sunset reflected in them seem like dark fire. The motorbike stopped a few metres from Ashlee, kicking up a spray of dust.
The bikie took off his helmet, shook his head to shake off the grit on his forehead, and turned to face Ashlee.
"G'day mate. I 'spose ya need some help?"
Ashlee coughed, a result of surprise and a build up of the dust in his throat. "Wh-who are you?"
The bikie's face grew into an enormous grin, and he held out a hand - complete with leather glove with holes for the fingers.
"Pleased ter finally meet ya in real life," he said, still grinning.
"In real life?" Ashlee echoed.
"In real life," the man confirmed. "Ashlee, I'm ya Hairy Godfather."

* * *

Charmina stood to one side. She was starting to regret agreeing to a disco. Everywhere she looked, she could see everyone having a good time - everyone except her. No one knew she was Charmina, because her mask covered up her face, but she'd already had a few invitations to dance. However, she'd had to turn them down - she recognised the voices, and they were none other than the people she didn't want to dance with - namely, her father's friend's sons. Charmina sat down, thinking this was really out to be a bad birthday.

* * *

"My Hairy Godfather?" Ashlee asked skeptically. "Don't you mean my Fairy Godm-"
"No!" The Hairy Godfather said quickly. "I'm ya Hairy Godfather."
"I see," Ashlee said hesitantly. "What exactly is a Hairy Godfather?"
"Well, ev'ry persons got their own Hairy Godfather that watches over 'em, and I'm yours. We help ya you when you're in trouble or need help and stuff."
"Need help? Well, I guess I kind of do…" Ashlee admitted.
"That's the boy! Now, first we needa get ya a way to get to the disco." He passed Ashlee a spare helmet, and pulled him onto the back of his bike.
"Wait! I can't go like this!"
"I know that, I'm taking ya home," said the Hairy Godfather as they rode along. They arrived back at Ashlee's house, and Ashlee jumped off the motorbike.
"Now, lesse… do ya have a banana?"
"A banana?" It suddenly occurred to Ashlee that this man may not be of perfect mental health, and indeed, dangerous. However, curiosity got the better of him, and he said, "Yeah, I'll go get one."
Ashlee disappeared inside, and promptly appeared thirty seconds later, holding a bright yellow banana. "Is this okay?" He asked.
"It's perfect," the Hairy Godfather growled. "Now, put it one the ground and watch."
Ashlee did as he was told, and took a step backwards.
The Hairy Godfather coughed, and then said "Okay, let's give this a shot…

Bippity-boppity-boo, and all that sort.
I'm not mucking around, I need transport!
By Merlin's beard, take this banana,
And turn it into an expensive car!"

Smoke suddenly erupted from the banana, as if it were a bomb that had just gone off. The smoke cleared, and Ashlee's jaw dropped. Sitting in front of him, there was a bright yellow limousine.
"HOW did you do that?!" Ashlee cried.
"Magic," the Hairy Godfather replied with a grin. "Now, are there any cockroaches around here?"
"Cockroaches?" Ashlee asked, still stunned by the banana-car. "Yeah, there's always plenty behind the cupboard…"
"Be a good boy and fetch me some then. Three should do, I'd imagine."
Ashlee went back inside, still amazed over the magical transformation. He knelt down and reached under the cupboard, until he found a cockroach. Shuddering slightly, he pulled it out and then reached under for two more. Grabbing all three tightly in his clenched fist, he walked back outside and placed them on the ground next to the Hairy Godfather.
"Alright then, prepare to be amazed again.

Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra, Alakazam!
I once again require magic, this isn't a sham!
We've got a car, as yellow as a beehive,
Only problem is, it needs someone to drive!"

Smoke one again erupted everywhere, and when it faded away, Ashlee's jaw dropped yet again. Standing in front of him were three of the most gorgeous girls he had ever seen. They had light brown skin, dark brown hair, and dressed all in black. They were also identical in every way.
"You car awaits you, sir," They all said in unison, and smiled, revealing three pairs of brilliant white teeth.
Ashlee was amazed, but even so, he knew there was still a problem.
"Hairy Godfather, I can't… I mean, I couldn't go to the disco like - "
But he was cut off by the Hairy Godfather's weird chanting again.

"Once, twice, now thrice I plea,
Deliver the power of magic to me!
Ashlee has escorts, and now a way to get there,
Now all he needs is something to wear!"

And once again, smoke rose everywhere. When it cleared, Ashlee looked down at himself, and once again his jaw dropped. He was dressed from head to foot in shining silver clothes. His shirt was shining silver, his pants were shining silver, his socks were shining silver, and he had shoes they seemed to be made of silver. The silver seemed to flow like a river across the clothes, and when Ashlee moved, the clothes seemed to move flawlessly with him. Ashlee felt his face, and realized he was wearing a skintight mask, which somehow managed to feel incredibly light, almost as if it was not there. He pulled it off, and saw it matched the shape of his face perfectly. It was also made of the shimmering silver material as his clothes.
Ashlee turned to look back at the Hairy Godfather, but he was no longer there. Ashlee heard his voice, however.
"Ya have till midnight, and then ya will return to the way ya were…"
"Midnight? That's a little early, isn't it?" Ashlee asked.
"Oh, all right. Ya got to two o'clock then."
Ashlee smiled, and climbed into the limousine.

* * *

Charmina sighed again. This night was pretty pointless - it was eight o'clock and she hadn't yet found anyone to dance with. Charmina was silently debating with herself about whether she should get up and just cancel the whole disco, when all of a sudden something caught her eye. She looked over, and was startled. At thought she saw a ghost, but then she realized she was being silly. It was a newcomer to the disco, and he was covered completely in silver: his clothes, shoes, and mask were all a bright silver. Even his skin seemed to be glowing. Charmina felt herself walking towards him. She was unexplainably drawn to him, although she couldn't even begin to understand why. Maybe it was just the way he seemed to be lighted up with spotlight, but Charmina felt something… deeper. Unable to stop herself, she arrived in front of him, and looked up at his shining mask.
"Would you like to dance?"

* * *

Ashlee was feeling very happy. He'd arrived at the disco, and almost immediately had been asked to dance by a girl. That was at eight o'clock, and it was now one fifty in the morning. He'd been dancing with the same girl all night, but he could care less. Even though he couldn't see her face, Ashlee liked her immediately. They'd spent the night dancing to all types of music. They'd eaten dinner together. They'd even taken a stroll around the street, hand-in-hand.
Ashlee had tried to spot Charmina shortly after he arrived, but then realized it was stupid. She would be masked like everyone else, and probably dancing with the son of one of her dad's rich friends.
Now, as the disco drew to a close, Ashlee faced a problem. He would love to keep in contact with the girl he was dancing with, but how could she possibly want to know him when she saw who he really was? He tried to put it out of his mind, and enjoy the last few minutes of dancing.
At one fifty-nine, a voice traveled across an overhead speaker system. "The disco ends in one minute. Now it is time for the Unveiling of the Faces."
The girl Ashlee was dancing with stepped away from him, and said, "Do you want me to go first?"
Ashlee grinned, then remembered she couldn't see him. "Yeah, okay."
The girl reached behind her to unclasp the mask's joining at the back of her neck, and slowly pulled it off.
Ashlee's heart stopped, and a race of adrenaline coursed through his body.
All night, he had been dancing with Charmina Preencez! Ashlee couldn't believe his luck. Not only had he been dancing with the most beautiful girl he had ever met, but she was also the most amazing person he had ever met as well.
"Well, now you know who I am," she smiled. "Now who are you?"
Suddenly the voice ran over the overhead system again. "It is now two o'clock and Charmina Preencez's birthday disco is over."
Two o'clock, Ashlee thought. Why is that… OH NO! Ashlee suddenly remembered the Hairy Godfather's warning. With a start, he whispered "I'm sorry," and ran from the hall.

* * *

Charmina stood still, shocked. She'd just had the most wonderful night of her life with the first person she ever really felt connected to, and then he had suddenly ran out on her. Charmina felt tears welling up in her eyes, but she brushed them away angrily. No, she thought. I will not cry. I will NOT cry. Turning around, she faced the remaining people, and said, "Thankyou for coming, everyone!"
When Charmina was the last one left, she locked up the hall and started to walk home. Her house was just down the street from the hall, so it wouldn't take her long.
Charmina walked in silence, trying not to think about the night that had just passed. When she arrived home, she saw something on the doorstep. Bending over to pick it up, she suddenly felt a warm glow flow through her. It was a note.
Charmina, the note read. I am sorry I had to run out on you. There is nothing more I would have liked to do than stay there with you. I did not run away because of who you are - I ran away because of who I am. A person as wonderful and kindhearted as you deserves better than someone like me.
Attached to the note was the silver mask.
"No", Charmina said out loud. "I don't care what he says. I don't care whether he's the poorest person on Earth. I am going to find him. We are meant to be together."

* * *

Ashlee looked at his reflection in the polished floor. It had been a week since he'd danced with Charmina, and he couldn't get her out of his head. Ashlee had stumbled home in the dark, arriving home about thirty seconds before Frank, Keith, and Ashlee. Ashlee had managed to get past Charmina's house with his clothes still intact, when he had an idea. He scribbled a note, attached it to his mask, and then fled into the night.
Ashlee sighed, and continued scrubbing. He hadn't wanted to run away from Charmina, but…
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Ashlee, as always, got up to answer it. A man was standing at the door.
"I'm here to see the owner of the house, as well as all occupants of it," the man said, glaring at Ashlee like he was something particularly nasty. Ashlee looked past the man, and saw, with a jolt, Charmina standing behind him.
Ashlee went and got Frank, Keith, and Vincent, and they all came down into the living room with the man and Charmina.
"Each of you are to try this mask on," the man instructed them. "If it fits, Charmina Preencez will go out with you."
Frank quickly grabbed the mask, and pulled it on. However, his face was too wrinkly and the mask hung off half of his face. Keith grabbed the mask off his father, and tried it on himself, however, his face was too bony and it slipped off. Vincent grunted, and tried to put the mask on for himself, but his face was too fat, and it simply would not go on.
"Well, that's all," said Frank quickly. "You can go now."
"What about him?" Charmina said, pointing at Ashlee. And before Frank could say anything, she passed the mask to Ashlee. Ashlee smiled, and slipped it on.
"It fits perfectly!" the man said, shock in his voice.
Ashlee pulled off the mask, and looked over at Charmina. She smiled, and wrapped her arms around him. Ashlee hugged her back.
"But… who are you?" Charmina asked. "What is your name?"
"You can call me…" Ashlee looked over at his stepfamily, who were all looking very unhappy. He smiled, and said, "You can call me Lee."

And they all lived happily ever after.

At least, we think they did.