As the snow falls down,

It doesn't care where it goes,

It sings a silent lullaby,

While it dances all around,

It may land in your hair making you shine,

You can feel its coldness through your clothes,

The frost even bites your nose,

You dance around not caring one bit,

You love the snow,

So peaceful and calm,

Not having a worry in the world,

Making friends with everyone,

It brings life,

It takes life,

You can love it,

Or hate it,

It will forgive,

And be forgiven,

But both you and it will remember,

What it has done,

What it is doing,

And what it can do,

Snow is a friend,

Snow is an enemy,

Snow sings,



And laughs,

Snow does many things,

It turns the dull world into a masterpiece in seconds,

Snow can take you out of this world,

And into a next,

Snow is in the past,


And future,

Snow can help you,

Meet people you love,

And care for,


Snow is you and me.