Full Moon

The First 5 chapters are based on a Fic called The Wolf Pack.


Carina watched as flames that seemed to reach out for the powerful moon high up in the heavens engulfed her house. Carina cried and struggled, trying to break free from her mothers grasp

"DADDY!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!!" The Young girl squealed

Tears formed in her desperate eyes. Timothy Craven was the leader,Powerfull and gentle,he was the leader of the Moon Star pack,The oldest pack of werewolves in New England.The whole pack lived in one big house,When the house was set on fire by some villagers,Timothy had helped remove all the young ones,babies and all those left in the burning building,Leaving him no time to save himself.Timothy had been the mate of Esteer and Father of the young 6 year old Carina.Now he was gone.Carina managed to release her mothers grasp on her,she ran for the house

"CARINA!NO,COME BACK!"Shouted a desperate mother

AS carina ran,a young boy,with short blonde hair stood in front of her,he had a strong British accent,he was about her age

"Carina,listen,we have to go,now!"He said firmly

"NO" The Girl replied fiercely

As she charged forward, the boy sighed, he picked her up in his arms, she kicked and screamed but he just ignored her. He walked over to a car and dropped her inside the got in himself. The Pack, was now Robert the elder,Ester,Carina,Rob,Alex another 6 year old with short red hair, she was the wisest,peacefull, and naïve one.Jeremy,Another six year old with spiky blonde hair,he was the deep thinker,Carisma another 6 year old with long black hair, a pretty average girl,Andrew again,6,with short black hair,He was the hyper, funny one, but he could get serious,Amber,She had short black hair, she was the most rebellious, She was always getting in trouble, and Hope, She had black hair tied up in a ponytail, she was the toughest, most serious. is was the main group, but the pack was larger. They all went into 8 carriges,took one, last look at the place they once called home,and left in search of a new home.Carina looked out the carriage window,tears raced down her face


End Of Chapter One