10 years later..


Robert sat down,in a circle there was Alex,Jeremy,Carisma,Andrew,Amber,Hope,Rob,Ester and Carina.Alex And Jeremy were hugging since they were a couple and so was Hope and Andrew.Carisma was jealous of Hope since she had a crush on Andrew,Amber smirked

"Look AT Them,P-The-tic!" She mocked

"Hey,Atleast Im not like you,slut puppy" said Hope carelessly

"Atleast Im not desperate enough to take Andrew!" Replied Amber

"Hey!Everybody settle down,this is not what we came here for" said Robert

"Look,The Clan has been all split up,I have to do this,now,we have to chose a new leader" He went on

"Me"Rob said as he inched closer to Carina

"No,It must be somebody,sorry to say this Rob,more,responsible" obert said calmly

"But who?" asked Ester looking around the room

"We must use the new moon battle to chose" Robert said slowly

Carina shot up

"WHAT?We're having strangers come here and fight to see whom gets to control us?No way!Why not one of us?" She said startled

"Because either theyre too weak,too old,too young,too small or too big!This is the only way Child!" Prosecuted Robert

Carina sat down

"Ok then,its settled,on the next new moon,well see whom gets the new leadership,after the battle,the last wolf standing shall take control!"Exclaimed Robert

Carina stood up and left to the porch,She took a deep breath,suddenly her clothes turned white,Carina went through a transformation,her clothes had become fur,and she was now a wolf.


In A Nearby town,a few days later...

Justin came into the room,smirk lok on his face,His two friends Mark and Clark looked at him suspiciously

"Alright Justin,what did you do now?" Said Clark with a slight smirk

"Guys pack your things,were movin out!"Exclaimed Justin,exitement in his voice

"Oh No,Did you kill someone and somebody caught you again?" Sighed Mark

"No,The Ancient wolf star clan is have a new moon ritual to get a new leader" Continued Justin

Mark and Clark shot up

" Oh this is perfect,I also hear the ex leaders daughter is available,No Male ever touched her!"Exclaimed Mark

Justin paused,suddenly catching intrest,he was,how can I put this,Typical guy.The mention the word girl followed by never touched,you got his attention.Now he was into it,Justin knew exactly what he wanted,To Be the leader of the wolf star clan,to take the world back into the dark ages,and to have Carina as a mate.He picked up his bags,followed by Mark and Clark,and left.