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Mercury's Story// Consumption By Darkness

//Chapter One: Changes

Mercury sat in front of a computer terminal. Her hands were pressed against the flat keyboard and her head was on top of them. She was fast asleep. Her long hair, once blue now black, was encircling her head. The flying ferret Myles was balled up next to her left arm. Cans and bottles of soda surrounded her. A large titanium flat screen monitor was showing about 15 different windows open with various information that was being copied to a disc.

There was a knock at the door and Mercury lifted her head to the sound. She hesitantly rose to open the door as Myles flew ahead spinning his two tails rapidly. With a push of a button the door creaked open. Outside the door stood a boy with red and black dreadlocks. She moaned and motioned for him to come in. Myles flew around the boy once and then traveled off to Mercury's bedroom where he fell back asleep on her bed.

the boy began, Angel was the name that Mercury was going by now. I know you've had a lot of business lately and you need the money, but you're stealing work from a lot of other hackers, he said.

Bit, it's not my fault I only sleep a few hours a day. I have time to work a lot. I'm not stealing work, it belongs to me.

You're new around here. You haven't spent all your time around here. You haven't been fighting to stay alive. A lot of these hackers are with gangs. They're not just a bunch of computer geeks. You're in danger, Bit said sternly.

You assume to much. Believing that I never had to fight to live. You're just here to scare me, sent by the gangs. You're with a gang yourself.

What protection do you have. I've never seen you with a gun or any type of weapon. Your self confidence will get you in the end.

Mercury was thinking about something, she began pacing around the room like a tiger in a small cage. Then she turned to Bit held out her hand and in the palm she formed a blue flame. With the other hand she took a pen and placed it into the fire. It appeared to be on fire then the blue flames began to crackle and turn to ice. She held the pen in her hand as the ice began to eat away at the plastic of then pen destroying all that it had touched. Bit stared open mouthed and wide eyed in amazement. Looking constantly at the remaining part of the pen.

Holy shit! he shouted. How the hell did you do that! What else can you do?

Control water and turn into a dragon. Keep this to yourself.

I've heard of people having powers before. The only person I've met before with a power was Melt man. he could melt. But he couldn't reshape very well so he's dead now, said bit with excitement.

The power to melt... what a crappy power, mumbled Mercury.

Well I gotta go, just remember to watch your back, said Bit.

I think I have that covered, grinned Mercury as she took out a laser power machine gun. You better not tell anyone about my powers or I'll flat line you, she warned with a stern face. Slightly frightened Bit cleared his throat and then said,

That won't be needed.

But, I enjoy killing people, laughed Mercury.

Why the hell is your name Angel?

I'm a walking contradiction, she smiled. Bit headed for the door and walked out. Mercury walked over to her window staring out at all the stars was not something that she did all that often. It felt as if she had been fighting all her life.

She walked back to her computer and under a few bottles and ferret fur she grabbed a stack of a few disks. Then she combed her fingers through her hair and walked out the door.

Outside the space colony was buzzing with activity. People were running to stores, soccer games, and other weekend activities. Mercury kept walking past them all to the part of the space colony that was beat up and the lights were dim. Loud music blasted from outside two metal doors. Mercury walked in.

The sudden rush of music hit Mercury's ears and she began dancing across the floor. She spotted three guys on the other side of the crowded room all sitting together at a small table discussing something. They all had blue and orange stripe-bands rapped around their arms.

One of them spotted Mercury and began walking up to where she was. The gave each other a look of recognition and he began dancing up next to her.

I have your files, she said into his ear.

I have the payment, he replied reaching into his pocket and pulling out a huge wad of cash. Mercury took out the disks that she had for him and they made the exchange. They continued dancing for a few songs then the guy said,

Nice doing business with you Angel.

Anything else you need Photite? He didn't answer for a while he just kept on dancing with her.

No, that's fine for now. I'll contact you when I need you. With that they separated. Mercury trying to squeeze herself through the groups of people. All different kinds of people. Many very colorful playing with these chemical flashing glow sticks. These were the people that spent their lives dancing. Above their heads floated lasers flashing huge pictures and designs on the ceiling.

A kaleidoscope design flashed on the ceiling. It smoothly changed from one color to another. Then the word appeared as the musical beat grew more intense. The ceiling soon began dropping down sparkles, confetti, and tiny glow sticks. Hands of the early dancers reached up to touch the falling items. Cheers were raising from the crowd. Horns and whistles were blowing out of their excitement.

Ignoring the huge party Mercury kept on walking out. Sparkles and confetti stuck in her black hair.

angel (an' gel) n. messenger of God, pictured with wings and a halo

demon (de' mon) n. 1. devil; evil spirit 2. evil, cruel person or thing

mercury (mer' cu-ry) n. 1. silvery liquid metal, a chemical element 2. planet nearest to the sun 3. in greek mythology the messenger of the gods

Mercury was staring at these definitions in a dictionary at a book store. She was once again questioning her own existence as she often did since she left her old group of friends. She never realized their significance in her own meaning. That's really all that she was, a fighter, a bitch, and a friend, or at least as much of a friend as she knew how to be. She flipped threw the dictionary some more.

hacker (hack' er) n. computer user who breaks into others' systems

That was all that she was now, a hacker. Sure she had money, but nothing really to use it for. Her entire life was based around simply computers. She didn't really have friends unless you counted all the gangsters and criminals that she did work for. The closest thing to a friend that she had was Bit. Yet she still found herself unable to trust his enough for them even to begin to have a conversation with out her watching what she told him. Mercury let no one know her real name, then again Angel Boyd was legally her name now. No one knew where she was from or what she had done before she came to the space colony. She was not open to letting anyone know about her past.

said a voice. Mercury placed the book down on the shelf. Turning around she spotted Bit.

Are you stalking me now, asked Mercury.

Hey! I was just cruising around I saw you and figured I'd say hi'. Is that okay?

Stalking is illegal you know, she said ignoring his comments.

So is hacking, he retorted. Mercury glared at him. he didn't more an inch forward or back. He stood there just watching her gaze. Then after a half of a minute she gave up.

What do you want, she asked groaning slightly.

Like I said, just to say He paused of a moment put his hands into his pockets and began again. So, what exactly are you doing here? Looking for books? Searching for the meaning of life? Wasting time? Mercury looked around the store for a quick exit.

I came to figure out why the hell I am here in the first place, replied Mercury walking quickly towards the door.

Hey! That's so cold! Come on, have you eaten lunch yet? Breakfast?

What the hell is up with the rapid fire of questions? Are you on speed or something, questioned Mercury.

Why are you such a bitch?

Questions... questions... moaned Mercury. Continuing to walk away. Bit grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back. What the hell! You were normal earlier!

Listen to me, he whispered, I warned you before, you're in a lot of trouble. I've been hired to watch you and make sure that you're not a narc. They don't trust you.

They have no reason to be worried, stated mercury trying to pull her wrist out of his grasp but he was too strong.

What did you do before you got here? What are you hiding?

It's more complex than anyone can understand, said Mercury still trying to pull away. She watched the muscles in his arm flex as his grip grew tighter. With each of her attempts to free his grasp the circulation in her hand lessened. At this rate her hand would be purple in no time.

I don't think that it is really all the complex at all. You're hiding something. I know it, What is it?

Nothing anyone should be worried about. I just spent a few years traveling space from planet to planet. The point is I don't really trust anyone, I'd rather them not know anything about me, lied Mercury. He let go of her wrist, she shook it and went to go run, but decided against it.

I understand, he said staring at her. But if you let the people here know what you are all about I'm sure that you'll find it easier. Either way I have to keep an eye on you for about a week or so. Mercury began walking away and Bit followed closely.

That's going to dive me nuts, said Mercury. She walked back to her home and and walked through the door. Bit was next to her the whole time. She began cooking some pre-packaged pizza.

Pepperoni and cheese okay, she asked.

Yeah, fine, he replied. Bit was inspecting her computer at a rapid pace. Every file was opened yet her could not read it. Every file was encrypted for safety.

What's up with the encryption, he asked.

Paranoia, what can I say. I am very concerned about one day being caught, she replied handing him a slice of pizza and helping herself to some as well.

What's up with the short dreads? Why not cut them out and spike your hair? You're not working the dead look very well.

Mercury took out a knife and began cutting the dreads out and she cut the hair short enough so it could be spiked. Meanwhile Bit just sat enjoying his pizza. Mercury grabbed a bottle of gel and made his hair into spikes. You could still see a bit of red on the tips of each black spike. Then Mercury stood back to look at her creation and she grinned evilly.

So, how does it look, asked Bit now on his second piece of pizza.

A LOT better, replied Mercury finishing off her lunch and grabbing a bottle of Cherry Bomb flavored Jolt cola with X4 the caffeine.

I gotta go report back, said Bit leaving. Mercury gave a sigh of relief. He didn't even question the truth of the story that she had told him before. Her work was sure worth the money that it paid, yet it was very dangerous just dealing with the people. people she worked for were all very dangerous, very strong, and very keen when it came to weaponry. The fact that she had worked with the military before she came here would not be acceptable to any of them.

Mercury stood perplexed about the ways that Bit had acted towards her. None of it was making sense. He acted nicely and then cruel and mean. What a messed up little boy, thought Mercury even though he was in no way a little boy at all.

Mercury still had much work to do. A few other people to give information to. Yet most people that she dealt with refused to meet with her while the space colony was set for day lighting. So she typically slept during the afternoon. Fist she took a shower and then found a spot on the couch to rest. Myles curled up next to her.

Surrounded by darkness was my location,
Excape was my plan,
The downward spiral pulled me deeper into the void of pain,
My plans changed,
I now had to fight to survive the darkness,
Not to be consumed,
Not the be destroyed,
This was the plan because I could not excape this void now,
I was pulled to far into it now,
I looked for a hand to hold mine so I could breathe above the dark puddle as it ate my legs,
Yet there was no one around,
Few may pass but I found myself unable to scream to them,
Faster and faster then more of me was dying,
The caring hand I need to help me out was so far away,
Why did it have to be this way,
So I find myself ready to suffer another day.

It was nighttime now, Mercury had dreaded her hair into tiny twisted locks. She had on a jacket that had a collar like an Asian dress and across the middle it had strips of a shiny fake leather, like the rest of the jacket, that stretched across and met silver gothic styled buttons with elaborate designs on them. The jacket's sleeves went down to the beginnings of her fingers on her hands. The stripey buttoning stopped around her waist where the rest of the coat just touched the sides of her body. She worse long baggy pants made out of the same material as her coat and the shreds at the bottoms showed off the combat boots that she had on that were laced with glowing white strings.

Around her neck she wore a black choker with a chinese symbol on it that could just been seen through her collar. On her index finger of her right hand she had on a ring that went down most of her finger and hand a joint piece where her knuckle was almost like a piece of knight's armor. A stack of disks were placed in her inside coat pocket and she headed out the door.