Another day that passes in the dark abyss that my life is.. No matter, it can only get better, or so they tell me. As I walk down the halls, I can only notice how school prepares you for driving.. head on collisions, hit and runs where no one takes any responsibility and one or more parties may hold deep seated contempt towards the other that will eventually result in psychological trauma later in life.

Today's a big day, the yearbooks are circulating so that in twenty years, your kids can go through and laugh at you and you can look at yourself and wonder just what the fuck you were thinking when you wore a pair of pants that could clothe a small third world family.. back when your hair was purple and having KoRn tattooed on your chest was as cool as hell even though you didn't know all the words.

Rows of smiling faces waiting for the camera flash to immortalize them forever, or at least as long as the paper lasts. Did they think they would be the one with a coffee ring blocking their shit-eating grin? Jocks are, of course, treated as creatures above human, and to obtain even human status, you must be good-looking, and of that I am not. Sadly, intelligence is not a requirement of god-like ability, for no matter how high my level of genius rises, I am apparently not worthy of being treated like a human being.

I'm not bitter in the least, or so I let on, for I know that my life will get better, whereas they have already reached their peak, and that fact contents me and warms me from inside like a cup of toffee-flavored hot chocolate on a blustery day.

winters are blustery now, and there's enough of it to make you sick, but with global warming, even Northern Canada will have summer and Siberia will become a vacation resort. Maybe it will be the new Florida for blue-haired women looking to ogle good-looking men wearing nothing but a speedo and a smile.