© 2001 Ginger

id kill myself for you
i couldnt have told you
in the beginning
everything came on in one big whoosh
i killed myself for you
i killed the old me
in its place
is something more mature and intelligent
now i know why
you were something undescribeable
you are something uncureable
because youre the cure
i love you for that
its so clear
why id kill myself for you
why having you made me feel
made me be
having you really changed me
i need you, corey taylor
like alcoholic needs alcohol
i wont give up till i have it all
all of you
until i can feel your heart beating inside my head
until i can feel your blood pumping through my veins
until i can feel your breath moving inside my lungs
until i can feel your soul becoming mine
until i can feel your body and mine
becoming one
until i can feel your lips in my heart
until i can feel you feel me
i want every last drop of you
your sweat on my skin
i want every last part of you
moving quickly under my skin
my sin is you
and i will not ask for forgiveness
until i have you
every last drop
every last part
every single inch of your skin
smoothe against mine
i wont stop needing
i wont stop wanting
until all of you
is mine for taking
i want to feel you
as i claim you mine
i need to feel
i want to feel
every part of your body
taking mine
blowing my mind
i want to be
i need to be
every part of you
unlocks my deepest desires