© 2001 Ginger

in my dreams, youre extravagent
in my dreams, youre exceptional
in my dreams, youre mine
in your dreams, youll find...
when you close your eyes
youll find...
waiting there for you
in youre dreams, im outrageous
in youre dreams, im intriging
in youre dreams, im yours
in my dreams, ill find...
when i close my eyes
ill find...
waiting there for me
i cant wait to go to sleep
and see you there
waiting to show me you care
ready to sweep me away
and take me to a place i can really call home
please meet me here
in my dreams
in your dreams
ill be waiting for you
where youll be waiting for me
to say its alright
and now
i close my eyes
there you are again
sweeping me away
making me happy
showing me your love
and when the next night comes
ill be waiting for you
in my dreams
in your world
in my paradise