© 2001 Ginger

i would die-
for you
shed my skin-
for you
kill myself-
for you
for you
i would do
things that i
would never do
for you
i would go
places that i
would never go
i'm missing
your love-
i'm wanting
i would die-
for you
for you
twist the knife and bleed my aching heart-
for you
to be close to you
part of you
for you-
i would say things
i'd never say
for you-
i would feel things
i'd never feel
for you-
tired of crying
living in fear
need you by me
need you here
loving me
washing it all away
so tired of living
living without you
i need you with me
i need you near
so i no lenger need to feel pain
it tears me apart
for you-
i'd do anything