In my Mind

as I go to sleep
my mind drifts ferther
into that tunal
I call my life

looking back
I see my past
I know my time
has come

sorrow Known
sin in mind
I can't help but think
I will loss my mind

I hold it in
I know its wroung
but in the End
I know it will come

as I whake
I look around
dwelling on the dreem
I know its true

inside I hide
the sin in mind
every time I see
that boy of mine

a tear I cry
for in my mind
I know this pane i fill
will not go away

the fealings I hide
the dread I fill
as he looks at me
inside I diy

I pray every night
my lord I say
agin I have tryed
and again I have lost

I wish you would
take away
what I feal

for I know
it is wroung
in my mind

By: FW_Viper