Bleed damn you bleed
If you bleed it would be fun
A little blood is nice
To remind you how very pale flesh is
Bleed damn you bleed
Why don't you fucking bleed?
Because then they will know?
All the hatred you hate
That was welling inside
And you hate yourself even more for hateing
Are you drowning yet? Are you drowning in blood?
Bleed damn you bleed
Fall to the ground
Are you scared of the pain?
What hurts more?
A little cut, a little bottled up anger
Bleed damn you bleed
You can't. It's too hard for a coward like you. Bitch.
Who runs from everything
Includeing herself
Bleed damn you bleed
You deserve to bleed
Better people than you die.
You don't want to because everyone else is.
Oh, well, I thought this was a popularity contest. Yhea right.
I don't want to be a statistic.
Everyone is a stat. Big brother is watching.
It's all excuses. Reasons to keep running.
Bleed damn you bleed.
Like a knife into butter
You cause all the ones you love pain
And it's pain only you deserve, bitch
So take it in and cut it out
You've been liveing two lives
Lets cut that down to zero.
Nice round number zero.
Nice round vein there in your arm
Cut out the pain, bitch.
And stop looking in the fucking mirror.