Fly covered bodies
Cloth soaked in blood
The bridge that can't be crossed
The snipers on the other shore
Eyes filled with terror
Limbs blown off
White bone protrusions
Black blood seeping from their lips
Screams and gun shots
Crackling of a burst grenade
The silence before a missle hits
The silence after, too.
A trigger under his finger
Six months ago safe and warm in a haven
Five days of this hell
Every boy I've ever known in uniform
Crossing that damned bridge again and again
Ever boy I've known bloody then dead.

This is what I saw in a vision that I kept seeing for about a week or two. Vision is such a corny way to put it but thats really the only word I can think of. It's like I'm walking along an some one puts a translucent mesh veil over my head and I can still see around me but over that is this horrorific scene and I have to stop and watch because I can't snap out of it. It was bad enough untill a couple guys in the play I'm doing got their army costumes and came back stage when it was really dark except for this blue light and I saw them and freaked. Oh well. I'm okay now. I've got other problems to contend with...