I know I'm home and safe and warm
When I hear REM and Phish playing in the liveing room
When I'm curled up on the couch watching the wind blow autumn's leaves down
And I have my tye-dyed blanket to wrap up in.
Hot chocolate to drink, a book in my hand to read.
And I'm not worrying about much at all.

I know I'm happy, peaceful and calm
When I'm out in Avelon danceing to bird song
Or lying in the grass smelling it's scent
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my neck and face.
And the grass tasts sweet when I chew on a blade.
I don't need my shoes and I can revel in the most beautiful thing on earth, nature.

It's the small things in life that make it worth liveing.
Small things like incense
Grass under your toes, soft warm blankets
Hugs, chocolate, hot showers, the feeling of antique wood under your hands
Puppies, walks in the woods, running as fast as you can just because
Growing mint in a window box, cooking a good hot meal
Watching leaves blow in the wind, climbing trees, yoga
Takeing naps, laughing, freinds, brushing hair
Dead Red wine, candles burning, the scent of lavender
Playing a scene, praying to God and Goddess
Swimming in the ocean, danceing, holding someone in your arms
Crying, love, music, your own body
Trying cartwheels and handstands, sand, coffe beans
Rain, fire, air, pain, perfume
Desire, language, cold metal, leather
Rideing horseback, holding a hummingbird in your hands
Promises, fruit, gardens, miracles, trust, freefall, singing
Windchimes, piggyback rides, rolling down hills
Staying young forever, if only in spirit