[Warning: The main character, Appolyon Manitou, has pedophilic and incestuous tendencies, there's some abuse mentioned... umm... yeah.]


The moment I saw her I knew I had to have her. Just another elf, but with a beauty to match my own.
She cried and screamed, and in her sea blue eyes I could see something growing.

You are beautiful, I whispered as I got up.
She whimpered in response, but her eyes were full of hate when she looked at me.
What's your name?
Metis Jagannatha, she said with a hushed voice and turned her eyes away from me.
I'd like to stay with you, Metis, I told her and pulled her thin little teenage body up from the cold ground.
She stared at me with her cat eyes filled with fear and hate, I loved all the demons inside her the moment they surfaced. Her eyes darted to my smile.
you are a vampire, she whispered.
If you weren't so beautiful I'd bite you, I grinned at the look on her face.
I had to leave though, hurry somewhere where her likes wouldn't find me during the day when the sun burned cruelly.

I always wanted to go back, search for her, just see her again. But I couldn't, as I knew that her family would without a doubt kill me. So I asked Father.

Stupid thing to do, he could probably have killed me right then and there. I always hated his fix idea of whatever you are, be a good one, we only have one life to live so we should take what we want when we want it.

Mother went to find her anyway. Father cursed at her for it but she didn't care the slightest.

She found the pretty elf though, and she told me that I had a child. A child. Imagine that. She had brought him home. Half-vampire and half-elf, little Kalki was a truly beautiful child. Mother raised him. Father wouldn't let me near him, which was a shame as Kalki was indeed of an extraordinary beauty. With my raven black hair and his mother's slim hands. He had Father's hateful grey eyes, and he seemed to trust no one. I still remember clearly how he hated his pointed ears I found them charming.

As he became nine he told me that he didn't like me. That didn't bother me the slightest, I never needed him to like me, but I asked him what he would do about it. A wicked attractive grin graced his lips as his eyes turned into stone and he stated that he would be the one to kill me. I smiled and kissed him calmly slipping my tongue into his mouth, and whispered that if he grew up to be handsome I'd let him.

He seemed satisfied with the answer and left the room. I later received a severe whipping from Father for kissing Kalki. It didn't matter. I would have done it again the same night if they hadn't locked me up in the basement. It didn't surprise me that the child had told Father, I had watched him long enough to know that he'd do almost anything if he'd earn on it. I even expected him to tell.

No matter what I did or Father said, I never saw little Kalki cry, and he never screamed. If he hadn't been so pretty I would have hated him for his unwavering calm.

The first time I saw Kalki smile was when he was twelve (by then he had lived with us for seven years). He had come down to the basement where I had been locked up again. I was inspecting my wounds from the whipping (I knew it was wrong but I just couldn't leave the beautiful child alone) when he opened the door. He watched me in silence for a while, and I watched him. Slowly a smile, not a grin, not a smirk or anything else, formed on his lips.

You're smiling, I said after a couple of seconds.
I have a gift for you, he replied, his eyes shining. He walked over to me with a box in his beautiful hands. For you, Father. I want you to leave me alone, if you don't I will have to let the sun in here.
You'd kill me? I said amused, and took the box.
That's a promise.
I opened the box as Kalki watched me. It was a puppy, with a broken neck, drained of blood and the little heart stuffed into its mouth.
Thank you, I said and smiled. Kalki nodded and I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to me. He didn't move when I kissed him again (Father would be furious and Mother would cry yet again).
If there is a thing such as evil I know that that was what my beautiful son was made up by completely.

Somewhere deep inside it made me proud.