perhaps he sought relief (to keep himself sane)
Subtitle: The Wild and Distant Shore
By: ShinigamiForever

and he is walking out on the beach
He lets the gentle currents of moonlight fall across his features

and he is reaching a hand out to the waves
Swirling movements commence as he pretends to conduct the waves
Night air whips in salty formations.

and he murmurs an old tune to himself
An old song about love and moonlight
He listens to the symphony of the darkness

and the sea responds
Great frothy arms of foam and water
sweeping at his feet

and you can hear the sirens ringing
Mothers praying and children screaming
that echo in his mind

and he walks across the sand
Leaving dented trails of forming puddles
The patterns swept away by the sea

and he whispers softly
repeats the age old rhymes and poems
And blends his voice with the stirrings of the night

and you can taste the salt air
watch the shadow in the form of a man
streak across your vision

and he becomes a dab of time
Waiting for the sunset
Before the sky is painted by ethereal swatches of color

and the light falls
dashing his face with a cascade of sadness
With crumbled sand dashed with night air in his hand

and the night recedes
taking its serenity with it
Replacing the calm flow of air with sun static

and then-

A bird.

A/N: Um, yeah, okay, it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, but that's okay. The title sorta wraps up the poem. It's inspired by a song called the Wild and Distant Shore that's on the soundtrack to the movie "The Piano." It's a beautiful song, but my poem really butchered it. Reviews, anybody?