This story is an original anime/manga. All characters, schools and situations in this story
were created by me, in other words, I hope you won't plagiarise my work. I appreciate it all.


Chapter 1: waiting the arrival

It was already well past nine. The bell had rung half an hour ago and everyone was in class.

A dark haired boy sitting at the extreme left corner of the class looked up from the textbook

he was staring blankly at and looked around the class. Professor Waters was droning on about

some theory about gravity and half the class was falling asleep. Ulric didn't understand why

he was put in the third class, he was the top of his old school and yet instead of being put

in the best class he was thrown into a class with a bunch of slackers. He glared angrily at

no one in particular and turned to look out of the window. However, he was too absorbed in his

own thoughts to notice a figure slowly strolling up the driveway. The person dressed in a blue

and gray uniform. Emblazed on the left hand side of the navy blazer that the person wore was

the symbol of a blue 'T' on top of a white shield. The emblem of Tech University. Even though

classes had started, the person didn't seem in the least concerned as she continued her stroll

towards the school. Suddenly, she stopped in the middle of the driveway and turned honey

coloured eyes towards the brass plaque that hung above the oak doors. "Tech U." she said softly

to herself "Strength, endurance and heart." Alicia brushed a loose strand of dark hair away

from her face and smiled. She walked up the worn stone steps to the oak doors and gently

pushed them open, causing a blaze of sunlight to spill out. Shielding her eyes with her hand,

she closed the doors behind her and made her way to the headmaster's office.


Dark blue eyes gazed back at him, the face before him smiled, showing an impressive set of

white teeth. He bent his head closer and closer till his lips were only an inch away " You're

beautiful..." he whispered, inching closer and closer "Aww... you're making me blush!" a voice

said "Eh?" Kevin exclaimed; dropping the mirror he was admiring himself in as the class burst

out in laughter. "Mr O'rion, falling in love with yourself again?" Kevin looked up to see his

teacher's annoyed yet amused face. "No Sir, I was just, erm" "Kissing his reflection." The

first boy who spoke interrupted, drawing howls from the class. Kevin glared angrily at the

blonde haired boy in the next seat who gave him a smile in return "Just wait till class is

over, Eden." He hissed. "Mr O'rion, this is the second mirror I've confiscated this morning

and if I should see a third one..." he paused, allowing Kevin to fill in the blanks "Yes Sir,

no more, I'll be an angel from now on I guarantee!" "Alright then, now, back to our books."

He turned and walked back to his usual position at the front of the classroom. There was a

knock on the door and before Professor Waters could open it, the door swung open and a tall

man strode in. His dark hair was slicked back and the roots were already turning gray. There

was a certain air about him that commanded respect. "Good Morning Professor. The new student

is here." The boys jumped to their feet at once and greeted their headmaster. He acknowledged

their greeting with a nod of his head and smile "You have a new transfer student joining you

today, I trust you will all be on your best behavior?" His last sentence seemed more like a

command than a question. "Yes Sir." They replied "I shall leave the rest to you Professor."

Giving one last smile to the class, he left. Professor Waters turned back to them and said

"Class, I want you to meet Miss Alicia Rayne. She will be joining us for the rest of the year."

"Did I hear you correctly Professor? I thought I heard you said Miss but it can't be, right?

This is an all boys college..." Eden stopped as a pretty girl stepped into the room. She was

of average height with a nice figure (which the boys noticed at once) and her hair was of a

shade of dark reddish brown that came up to her shoulders. She looked at them out of almond

shaped light brown eyes framed by long lashes. Her uniform was similar to the boys' one except

for the grey skirt that she wore instead of the pants. She smiled shyly at them and said "Hi."

A few minutes later, Professor Waters cleared his throat, breaking the silence "You can close

your mouths now."

To be cont'd