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Ami placed the dish of cooked hamburgers down on the picnic table and sat down across from her brother. "I can't believe that the sun is out! With all the rain we were having lately, I could have sworn we'd have had it today."

Daine laughed and nodded his head, taking a bite out of his burger. "Lex was pretty happy, too. She didn't want Addie getting mud all over her clothes."

Michael made himself a hotdog and took a bite. "She sure is cute."

"She's beautiful." Daine grinned as Lex carried their daughter into the backyard.

"I feel like I change diapers not stop!" she said as she sat down.

Daine ran a finger along Addie's soft skin. "Tell Mommy that you can't help it."

"So when'll your house be built so you can move out of ours?" Michael said, only half serious. He was getting used to his brother-in-law. At least he went straight. Opened his own carpentry shop.

Daine took his daughter so Lex could eat. "They say it'll be completely finished and ready to move into in about a week."

"Wow, not bad."

Standing up, Daine put Addie in her outdoor playpen and sat back at the table, pulling Lex into his arms.

"I'm trying to eat!" she mockingly yelled at him.

He bent his head down over her shoulder and took a bite of her hotdog. "Needs relish." She laughed and turned her head so she could kiss his cheek. "You're cute."

"Cute?" he asked, his eyebrows raised. "You're calling a man who killed people for a living cute?"



All heads snapped over in Michaels direction. "I just can't wait until I can eat my own food before your dog does."

Sure enough, Cub was scarfing down the remains of a bun. The dog had already eaten the meat out of it.

"Cub!" he called, but he could keep serious. He couldn't stop laughing and Lex was doing the same.

"So, when do I get a nephew?" Ami asked.

"When do I get one?"

Ami kicked him under the table. "I asked first!"

"Hey! Hey!" Lex called out, "I think it's safe to say that we'd at least like a house to move into before we continue with our family. Now, you're turn."

Ami grinned. Oh yes, Lex definitely fit in well. "Well, I think it's safe to say that you might be getting one in-oh- nine months?"

Lex's jaw dropped and all at once everyone was standing up, embracing one another.


"You, too!"

The guys shook hands and stared heartily at their wives. They were screaming and hugging and making utter fools out of themselves! The neighbors next door even stepped out to look what all the commotion was about.

Daine, purposefully trying to goad Michael remarked, "As a line in a great movie once said, 'Women- can't live with them, can't kill them'."

Michaels mouth opened as if he was going to say something, but as he saw the twinkle in Daine's eye, he knew the man was all right. "Exactly."