"I hate you!" I yelled.

My voice echoed in the night.

On impulse, I packed my things,

And secretly took flight.


I never stopped to think

About what I had done.

I told my mother I hated her,

But wasn't it just for fun?


I remembered how she had grimaced

As if she had been stabbed.

In her eyes I read hurt and pain,

And to think I had been glad.


For months, I didn't return home

The reason I didn't know.

Perhaps I just didn't want to see her,

The truth I didn't want to know.


And then I received a letter one day,

And my whole world came crashing down.

Mum was dying of blood cancer,

And there was no cure to be found.


I had to go and see her,

To say my last goodbye.

To ask for her forgiveness

For my foolish, foolish lie.


I didn't hate my mother,

I never did at all.

I had to make it clear to her

Before she left us all.


My pale, weak mother still smiled at me

When I finally reached her side.

"Don't worry, my dear, I know you only

Said that because of your pride."


I cried, "Oh Mum,

I'm sorry I hurt you so!

I can't believe how I could stoop

To doing something so low!"


Mum was fading quick and fast

With every little move.

I knew I did not have much time left

If I didn't do what I had to do.


I clasped my mother's limp hands tight

And softly whispered in her ear,

"Mum, I love you, I love you so.

I love you, do you hear?"


My mother opened her eyes for the last

And with her final bit of energy,

She brought my hands to her lips and

Kissed them tenderly.


Then a film came over her

And her head drooped to the side.

My beautiful, lovely mother

Had just before me died.


I cried with so much misery

As I had never before.

Because in a moment of my pride and folly

My mother's heart I tore.