2. The Mountains of Despair

A steely gray light was coming over the mountains of despair, and washing the land in a cold gray light.

Dasmer woke up. His back was lying against a tree. His sword was on the ground next to him, he was still clutching it. His cloak was incredibly dirty and torn. He was having difficulty remembering last nights events. He remembered the creatures, and their haunting them from the shadows. The beginning of the fight was pretty clear, but after that things get fuzzy. He couldn’t’ even remember how he came to rest against this tree.

With much difficulty, because his position left him incredibly stiff, Dasmer got up. He stretched his stiff and sore limbs, and rubbed warmth back into them. Lying there all night left him rather cold, and his fingers were numb.

Once he was able to walk without stumbling, he sheathed his sword, and looked around. He was leaning against a tree on just on the other side of the road from the hollow. The form of Vince was lying face down in the road. Dasmer limped over to him. For his left leg was paining him, under closer inspection revealed a cut down near the ankle from a stray swipe from the creatures.

“Vince.... Vince....â€