It had already proven

It had already been proven. There were only two things they could do. Sit around and let it happen or take action against it.

It has been a week since Dr. Rowland has proven that the world will go into another ice age. There was nothing to do to stop it, but there were ways to save some people.

NASA and every other space agency started getting as many space vehicles as they could. NASA got all their shuttles, and had work done. They took out the cargo bay and put in an area for people to sit. It also included room for storage of food, clothes, gas, and anything else. Now they had the hard time. Where do we get the money, who do we take on the shuttles?

The government made a deal with NASA. If they supplied three astronauts and one shuttle then they would give them the money. It took some time but they agreed. They now had the money but whom should they take? They decided that they would get as many American astronauts and their families in as they could.

They would have 171 seats, but they had over a hundred astronauts. They started taking the younger ones. They would be the best up there. Also, there was no telling how long they would have to stay up there. They made out a list and told those people. They all got home and told their families, they now had a chance to live.

The launches would take place within the next five days. They went through making sure everything went to plan. They pulled out all the suits they had. They just had enough. They go there food, they called Russia and made sure that Mir was still open, they cleared the ISS, and they had Challenger ready for docking.

It was the first day and Discovery was the first to go. It was carrying the President and most everybody else from the government. The launch went according to plan. The weather down on Earth was starting to get very cold. They had to bump the flights so all the shuttles were launching in a four-day period.

The other two shuttles, Atlantis and Columbia, had perfect launches. They got up and docked with Challenger. It was only an American space station. It was starting to get a little cramped but they would all fit. They had to.

On the fourth day the shuttle Endeavour was going for a launch. The weather window was tight but they thought that they could do it. Eighty seconds into the launch and they had to abort. They didn't have another chance. It would take to long to get back to Cape Canaveral and no one else had the launch facilities, or equipment.

It was day five and every launch pad at Cape Canaveral was covered. Food, clothing, supplies, and fuel was all that they would need. They now had extra fuel with one shuttle down. All of the space shuttles stayed on Challenger, and they left ISS to other space agencies. Russia filled Mir with 10 people and sent two to ISS. That was all that they could launch.

It was now the end of the week and they were getting reports of snow all over the place. There was no more Canada, and France was covered. You could only see points of skyscrapers.

Thoughts ran through their heads wondering if this would ever end. Even if it did what would be left? Nothing would be the same it would all be ruined.

It has been five years now and the Earths surface is clearing up. They send satellites crashing into the surface and see how long it takes to break and the temperature. This time it was close to normal.

They sent in a Russian Soyuz capsule to look around. They took off from Mir and headed home. They landed and then contacted Challenger. Everything is clear. Come back in. They had to wait on us to land because most people couldn't walk from being with out the gravity. They had found a medicine that strengthened the bones but it didn't work to well on adults.

We all landed in the Cape Canaveral area. It took a full day to get all the capsules landed. When they did they went to explore. They found cars and took off. They stayed in the same area until they knew that it was safe.

They figured that everything was ok. They would start rebuilding. They decided to stay within this one area for now. Until they can get enough people to spread back out they want to stay one. We got a plane and we flew around some. This way we could get a better understanding of things.

The president demanded that he be taken to Virginia. We didn't ask we just did it. He found us a place to land and then we got off. We walked around some and then he took us to what seemed to be an underground city. He opened the doors and we found people.

He put in the people from the government that couldn't fly so they would have a chance. They did. We put them on the plane and headed back to Florida.

The world has started to rebuild. The people get along now and if one thing has come out of it. I would say that it is world peace. It takes a global disaster to bring us together. If that is what it takes that's bad.