Tibihat, Siriochen!

By Dave Shaw


A mighty awaits his destiny by the shores of Karilano beach. The very same beach where his beloved was killed by Gregorian's soldiers not 6 years ago. On that very same day his heart was filled with pain at his very first loss as a God. This fire God, who lost his beloved, his dignity and his power all on the same fateful day: Yoiloshi.

But today he was not to dwell on his losses. He was not to fight for pity in the mortals below. He was not to cry over past belongings. Today he was to fight. Fight for the ruthlessness title that he so truly deserved.

The same fateful day he lost his beloved, so he lost his powers. Stripped of the fire powers that hung to him, and given only mortal life again.

The front of this young man's hair, jet black, hung dimly across his face while he concentrated. The back, long and flame coloured, an inheritence for being a God, lay lonely and forgotten behind him. It used to billow and release balls of flame at his command, but his powers had been released from him, and so made it useless.

His eyes, blood red and vengeful, suddenly screamed out to the world his message of war:

"Tibihat, Siriochen!!"

The language of the lost, buried centuries ago, unearthed by his grandfather, Akira. The language passed down from his family. He had worked many nights in his mortal state to learn this new speech, and these words had stuck with him the most. They had made him a God. These words meant simply:

"I hang, dying, but i am still ready to fight!"

The words echoed, echoed past even the smallest shrub, past even the country he dwelled at. He wanted the world, no, the universe, to know he would have revenge on the back stabber who did this to him. Stripped him of his powers, took his beloved, and left him to compete in the only tournament that would win himself back.


Chapter 1: A God's Heart

Today he would travel to the coastal town of Midgeria. There, for the 23rd time in it's history, the Martial Discovery Tournament would be held. This was the one tournament which Yoiloshi could hope to win his powers back. But he needed to win, win it all, otherwise Gregorian would have his fire powers for all eternity. He could not wish to have anything more taken from him, however, he thought that would be rather difficult, for he had already taken it all. More than local folklore told...

Travelling to Midgeria was a dangerous business. Fire coals sprung out at him at the roadside. His only possession, except for his clothes, was

Edrio. His mighty sword. A gold handle, with the words "Uchario Shenglian" (Dead, but not beaten) etched into it. This was his only protection against these deadly coals, and this was rather a problem, as he was, at times, outnumbered 30 to 1. Plus he had the legendary Leviathan to worry about.Again, Edrio was his only protection. Swishing against the water dragon's thick hide was hard work, but he eventually struck it to its death with a well timed blow to the midsection. He felt sorry for it, really, so it was his blessing he gave him on his way to the underworld.

It was with a heavy heart he came to fight the legendary, and beautiful, sphinx. With its bright electric blue body and agile mind it swooped quickly and alertly from tree to tree, not allowing Yoiloshi to pass, because of his inch long claws, from which he could produce a fatal sonic beam. Once again he had to summon Edrio from it's seath, summon the power from within the sky, and basically slash wildly at the trees to capture the pesky pixie from it's darting escape method. He was disappointed at his lack of concentration, but then again, he thought, there was no way he could stop that sphinx with a single swish.

So, after much chopping down of trees, and creature arms and legs lying in the path, he reached the town of Midgeria. His first thought about this barren place was that it was, well, barren. Surely he had made a mistake...this place could not surely hold the tournament...

"Excuse me," said a voice right behind him.

Yoiloshi was so shocked he physically jumped a foot in the air. He turned around to see the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. Long billowing jet black hair...much like the front of his own, he noted... Large, green eyes, much unlike his own black eyes... A large green necklace protruding from her neck...a glinting emerald... his birthstone... tall... looked about 25... his own age...

" Excuse me," she repeated, "are you feeling OK?"

Yoiloshi snapped out of the trance he had been in. For some inexplicable reason he had been seeing her with rainbow colours behind her and a load of angels armed with bows floating round her head...

"I'm sorry," he mumbled, "what can i help you with?" He did this while talking to his own feet.

"You wouldn't know where the Martial Discovery Dojo is, do you? Because i've never been here and i'm lost..." she replied, somewhat shakily.

"Well, you're in luck because..." and then he realised he didn't know where it was either. All the other Gods had competed in this tournament to earn the right to be one. He never had, he had been through a test of bravery...

"Sorry," he mumbled, looking intently at his feet once more, "i don't know where it is."

Straight away her eyes began to fill with tears, and her bottom lip began to shake. Yoiloshi didn't exactly have much experience in this department, never having been in love himself, yet he knew enough to know he was walking on quicksand.

"But, but, we can go and find it...together...?" he said quickly.

She smiled, and he took that as meaning 'good save'.

Chapter 2: The Shenghei Dojo

The town started to fill slowly around them as they searched the dark streets. Obviously many more warriors were competing in this tournament than Yoiloshi had anticipated. This was going to be tough work...

While they searched the surprisingly large town, they chatted about their ambitions as fighters. Shayhan, as he found her name was, wanted to become a poet, writing about her matches in the ring. Yoiloshi had always been passionate about literature, but he had always known that Edrio and combat came first if he was going to reach Akira the Great's status.

Shayhan made many comments about his hair, and constantly referred to the fact that he probably dyed it. She just couldn't get it into her, as Yoiloshi put it, 'thick head' that he used to be a God and his hair was his inheritance. She was beginning to think he was a bit of a whacko by the 50th time he said this. Yoiloshi simply referred to her as 'annoying', even though her face still made a slow prickling sensation in his stomach...

Finally, after much searching and many sacrifices of Yoiloshi's part, they reached the Dojo. A dark and dingy hall, with a few trainees working, a black room with one window that had no glass in it. Akira, his grandfather of course, had said the Dojo was lit like this simply to focus the mind. He had always respected this point of view, as he had always respected the sensei. Which, during his daydreaming, had come to stand almost in front of his face.

"Yoiloshi, how good it is to see you once more." said the rather strange looking man.

"But I do not know you," said Yoiloshi, trying to sound mystical, "The only one who ever knew you in my family is my grandfather, Akira."

"But I have known you," said the man, obviously surprised, but keeping his voice firm, "I knew you as a small child."

Yoiloshi surveyed the man; trying to think of a way he could say he didn't know him, yet sound comforting at the same time. This man was so strange, he had never known anyone like him; he was about 5' 6", had blonde hair, was completely thin and spoke in a deep husky voice. No one ever like him had he known?

"I have no recollection of my childhood," he said, hitting upon a sudden idea.


"Bless you."

"No, that is my name. Shenghei."

Shenghei...Shenghei... now that sounded a little more familiar. It didn't click anything into place, however, but it did seem like a familiar name... like a friend he had had and forgotten about...

"Well, it is very nice to see you in my Dojo once more. The other trainers shall soon file in for the warm-up to the tournament."

"Thank you, erm... Shenghei, that's it, we'll start getting ready."

And he...disappeared.

"Wha... how did he do that?!" he asked, astounded.

"I don't know, but i can't wait to get started!" said Shayhan, who was practically dancing on tiptoes to go and beat some people. To be honest, he didn't see how fragile little Sheyhan was going to make it through the tournament...

Chapter 3: A mighty revelation

It seemed that this tournament was going to be much more difficult than Yoiloshi had planned, and not with just numbers of people. Many different weapons glinted in the tiny light of the Dojo, including what looked like a copy of the legendary Excalibur. Powers were in use, too. He could fight the lightning powers, Edrio could deflect them most easily. His only hope was that they came first. But there were powers that he never knew existed; a power he could only refer to as the "beta" power, because it shooted out signs of "beta" in the Greek language. That was going to be tough, he needed some fair time to prepare for this...

Shayhan, however, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the constant nauseating flashes of light. It seemed she had accquired a fair abled flame sword from one place or another, and she was highly skilled with it. He wondered, still, why she was so confident, she did seem, well, rather a wimp in the street.


All too soon it was time for the qualifying matches to begin. The first was a pretty brutal match between a man called Myamoto and an english fighter called Claire. Myamoto was no match for the many painful blows to his face with her nunchuks, however he did damage her towards the end with a huge blow to the midsection with his dagger. In the end, Claire walked out the victor.

The next voice Yoiloshi heard was:

"Yoiloshi, previous Fire God, Country of origin: Japan."

He was next. He was nervous, but ready. He was going to win this tournament, and no one could stop that.

"Priss, previous champion of the Martial Discovery Tournament, Country of origin: Japan."

He froze. A previous champion. There was no way he could beat her. She walked slowly onto the stage... She had long hair, large green eyes, she would have been kind of cute if she wasn't going to defeat him or kill him... green eyes, lightning colour hair...wait, lightning colour..?


Oops! The match had started. He unearthed a disgruntled Edrio from its seath, and proceeded to deflect every single one of her lightning powers. This was easy, he thought. Plenty of time, just deflect all of these until she gets tired and then swipe at her.

All the time Priss was attacking him she was summonning the power of the Earth. And while Yoiloshi was deflecting them, he was summoning the power of the sky.

'I can't hold this much longer...' Yoiloshi thought, 'I'll have to do it. NOW!!!!'



The two spells smashed into each other and richoched off the walls of the Dojo. Priss was stunned. No one had ever beaten that...


She went down. While she was mesmerized Yoiloshi had hit her over the head with the flat of his sword. It was over, he thought. I'm in.

A great number of people flooded onto the fighting section, including Sheyhan, Shenghei and the family of Priss. They were all in tears. Sheyhan hugged him, grinning and crying, and Sheyhan just stood with a huge smile on his face. But not a natural one, somehow...

Two more matches went by before it was Sheyhan's turn to begin. Both of the matches were quite boring, and Yoiloshi was getting ready to see Sheyhan get roasted. But then, something incredible happened...

Sheyhan had just stepped onto the fighting section, psychic powers perfectly powered up, yet she looked absolutely terrified when she saw her opponent.

Mitch. A black haired planet with a Mitsubyshio sword. the greatest sword-makers in all of Germany. Sheyhan was going to be for it. She was going to die, she was g..


Where Sheyhan once stood, there stood a 50ft high Black Grain Dragon. The most powerful dragon of all time. She spread her huge, black, velvety wings and soared into the rafters of the Dojo. Mitch just stood there, terrified, as the 50ft mass of wings and flame beared down upon him. Yoiloshi realised what was happening a second before it did, and he turned away in the nick of time...


Mitch had disappeared when he finally managed to conjour his eyes open again. The judges were applauding her efforts at being able to use her powers so well, and didn't seem to notice that there was only one fighter left on the fighting floor.

Sheyhan ambled over to Yoiloshi with tears in her eyes, while he gaped open mouthed.

"I'm sorry, Yoiloshi," she whimpered, "I never told you. I'm a Cherekhee."

"A... what, sorry?"

"A Cherekhee, a cherekhee!" she screamed. "Like a werewolf, except i change into a Black Grain Dragon instead..."

And then she burst into tears.

Yoiloshi comforted her. "Come on, come on," he said, "It could have been worse, you could have wanted fries with that."

Chapter 4: A Tournament Discovery

Yoiloshi and Sheyhan had qualified with flying colours, as well as Claire, Akira, Steve, James, Hans and funnily enough, Priss. She had threatened the judges or something.

So, the quarter finals began. The table was like this:

Priss Akira Yoiloshi Claire Steve Sheyhan James Hans

| | | | | | | |

| | | | | | | |

| | | | | | | |

----------- ------------ ------------ ---------

| | | |

| | | |

-------------------------- ----------- ------------

| |

| |


Akira vs Priss was a brutal match. Priss' electric powers came into play, but Akira managed to destroy her by smashing half of the Dojo apart with his psychic powers. Much to the annoyance of Shenghei. Yoiloshi was next. Akira had just been announced the winner, so it was himself vs Claire. It was time to unseath Edrio again...

The match began with an almighty smash to the side of Yoiloshi's head which was the fault of her nunchuks. Yoiloshi retaliated with a few seconds silence to summon the power of the sky, but he soon discovered this a mistake, as a well placed blow connected with the side of his stomach. Claire was showing no mercy. It was time to show her none back.


For the second time the ancient art of the sky smashed through the barren Dojo, lighting up the ancient mangled cobwebs and the weather - beaten faces of the competitors. Claire had no chance as the huge beam of blue light circled her and evaporated her from the world.

Yoiloshi had used a more powerful strain that originally planned. However, killing was perfectly fine in the book, so he went through. Another opponent down.

Sheyhan was next. Her beautiful face shone in the fading light of his attack. His stomach gave another funny wriggle.

Steve looked more terrified than anyone could have imagined. The last time someone had fought this...this..."Cherekhee", they had been eaten alive. He needed to get out, anything, anyone...

The bell sounded. The match had begun. He waited for her to turn into the huge dragon...waited for the roar that would spell his death...


But it never came. Instead what did come was a huge sonic beam eminatting from her eyes. He screamed, but it was not enough...to stop him using the power of forest... his power was diminishing...


He had summoned a weak form of the forest power. It whirled around Sheyhan's head, confusing her, making her spin... Now was his chance...


The power of fire. Summoned...destroying the fighter...the most destructive power... the fighter was gone...

But, the power was not summoned by Steve.

It was summoned by Sheyhan. She had done it. She could fight. And she had.

She had done it. She was through.

And now, the final battle of the quarter finals. James vs Hans.

Two amazing fighters at the height of their skills. Almost identical in appearance, long, shoulder - length blonde hair, blue eyes, and an incredible will to fight, with their identical 5' long swords.

The bell sounded. They were off. No powers to be used this time, only brute force was to seperate them. Smashing and swishing from side to side in long blue robes, using their huge powers to conquer each other.

The match lasted many minutes. However, the match finally finished. Hans had emerged the victor.


Priss Akira Yoiloshi Claire Steve Sheyhan James Hans

| | | | | | | |

| | | | | | | |

| Akira | | Yoiloshi | |Sheyhan| |Hans |

----------- ------------ ------------ ---------

| | | |

| | | |

-------------------------- ----------- ------------

| |

| |


This was how the table looked. Four great fighters down. Four left. The competition was getting intense now. Yoiloshi was going to win this tournament...he could sense it...

Much to many people's relief there was a day-long break before the semi-finals began. Many stayed in the Dojo to train, so many infact, that only Sheyhan and Yoiloshi strayed into the town centre of Midgeria.

They spent a day walking (hand in hand at times) through the centre, looking at the tourist attractions, the shops and the theme park. A comfortable couple of hours were spent at this park, (Xian Chibi Chub)

but it was at night when things got very interesting.

They sat, at midnight, watching the curved roofs of churches and the occasional firework drifting through the midst. Suddenly, Sheyhan's hand fought Yoiloshi's. Yoiloshi turned to her, only to find her grinning and blushing.

"I like you, you silly old maniac," she said. "You were really nice helping me to find the Dojo."

And then, completely unexpectedly, she planted a passionate kiss on his surprised face. His first instinct was for him to push her off and run, but he found himself relaxing into it.

After a few minutes of this, he pulled away, and said simply...

"...I like you too."

And they kissed, kissed late into the night.

Chapter 4: The Second Round

The Dojo, the next morning, was decorated in bright green, probably to officially open the beginning of the semi-finals. At the very moment they strode in, hand in hand of course, Shenghei rushed over to them with his old unnatural grin in place.

"Good to see you again, Yoiloshi." he said. "We shall begin the matches soon. Your opponent is Akira."

Yoiloshi froze. Akira. The person who had smashed half of the Dojo apart. Edrio couldn't deflect that sort of power. All he had was the power of the sky, and that was no use...

Sheyhan must have read his mind, because she said, "it's ok, honey. You can beat him, you've beaten everyone that you wanted before, he's just another opponent. You can do it."

He grinned.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen!" said a booming voice right behind him. He swished around to see Shenghei practically shouting to the crowd.

"The semi-finals of the Martial Discovery Tournament shall now commence. Fighters, please follow me."

Akira, Yoiloshi, Sheyhan and Hans followed Shenghei down a dark hallway, much like the Dojo. All of them were shaking slightly, but none more so than Yoiloshi. He needed to win this tournament. He had kissed a competetor last night. and in her face...he had seen...her...his former beloved...

They filed down the hallway and came out at the other end of the Dojo. They lined up, infront of Shenghei, while he waited for the bell. That distant bell. It seemed like only two seconds before:


The bell rang throughout the large room. It echoed off the rafters and down onto the spectators. It was time.

Akira vs Yoiloshi.

The fighting section seemed like the graveyard where he would be buried. Akira seemed calm and collected, much unlike himself.

The bell sounded once more. They were off.

Akira immediately started by leviating off from the ground. Yoiloshi immediately began to charge up his power of the skies. Akira came back down to earth, stopping a few inches above the varnish, and charging at full speed into the stomach of the previous Fire God. A dull clunk issued from Akira's eye when he hit Yoiloshi, but he had to concentrate on other things.

Yoiloshi needed to get the most powerful strain of power possible... he was charging, 5 more seconds should do it...

Meanwhile, Akira was using the time to use the legendary power of the eye. This was a power inherited only by physic users, and could warp an opponent to a parallel dimension. Once more, the powers were charged at the same pinpoint.



The two spells collided, and instead of richocheing off, they circled around the same small point, whirling and whirling, faster and faster, an electric blue power eminating from Edrio, a dull purple eminating from Akira's eyes...


A huge explosion in the centre of the ring.

Both players down, both dazed, Yoiloshi with a huge bruise on his face, Akira with scorch marks on his arms.

It came down to a judges decision. It was based on technique and power. The competitors were resusitated with potions, while they awaited the score...

Yoiloshi had never been so tense in his life. It was like someone has squashed his stomach into a letterbox. Everyone was just a thin blur. People shouting, laughing, shouting out names...

"Gotta be Akira."

"No way, Yoiloshi by far."

"No way"



Finally, after what seemed like a decade, the result was spoken out.

"We feel that, even under extreme pressure, having no powers himself and finding himself equal to someone who does, Yoiloshi should be awarded the victory."

A huge roar erupted from the crowd. Obviously most had wanted Yoiloshi to win, otherwise the roar would have been a little less friendly. And also, people wouldn't have been streaming onto the fighting stage and slapping him on the back. By the end his back hurt a little, but he was feeling relieved that he hadn't gone out. He was in the final. He could make it. And he would...

Sheyhan marched onto the fighting ground with her beautiful head held high. She showed full confidence. She was not shaking, trembling, or any of the sort. She looked ready to fight the German warrior, Hans.

Hans walked slowly onto the fighting Dojo as he had done in the first round. He, again, looked strong and confident, yet strangely diminished, as though food had not passed his mouth in days.

The bell rang. The battle had begun.

The old tell tale shreik echoed from Sheyhan's mouth as the mutation began. Her shoulders elongated into black, velvety wings, her face changed into a face Yoiloshi had only seen in chinese movies, with red, glaring eyes, large, painful horns, dark claws, smoke protruding from her black nose...


The full swing of Cherekhee magic came into effect. A full 50ft high Black Grain Dragon stood infront on Hans, yet he did not seem the least bit intimidated. Indeed, when Sheyhan charged down onto him to end it with one large snap, he vaulted into the air and brought his golden sword down onto her left wing.

A huge, echoing cry escaped Sheyhan's mouth. She was in pain, yet he could hear the words once more...

"Tibihat, Siriochen..."

A small jet of flame once more swept out of Sheyhan's crinkled mouth, and this time her aim was true. It singed the entire top part of Hans's body, covering him in burns. Yet he was a highly skilled fighter, and he was not going to be defeated because of a bunch of petty wounds and a dragon.

Once more, Sheyhan swept at him with her huge claws.

And it connected.

Swept away completely, through the Dojo, forest, maybe even back to his homeland of Germany. Destroyed, left, bloodied and battered, away from the entire competition.

Everyone in the Dojo was stunned. They goggled at this huge, this...this... 'monster' as it came fluttering down to earth and returning to normal.

However, she felt happy this time, until she read the scoreboard.

Everyone in the Dojo was staring, wide eyed, at the scoreboard, except for Yoiloshi. He swivelled round, just as the echoing voice filled the dark hall once more.

"The final of the Martial Discovery Tournament, 1999, shall be between these two competitors."

"Yoiloshi vs Sheyhan."

Chapter 5: The final showdown

He stood, stunned. How could this happen to him? He was a God, a God wanting to have his powers back. And now he would have to fight his own love to get them...

The dark changing room after his match seemed like his only comfort. Not much comforting in it, but he felt like he would rather do anything than face Sheyhan to speak to her.


It was Sheyhan. He turned to her with many tears in his eyes.


She came and sat next to him.

"I know we have to fight each other next match, but we will always be together, won't we?" She put her hand on his. "I mean, we may have to fight, but we won't ever be apart. We'll always be there, side by side, whether in this life or not."

She then became very interested in a piece of fungus on the ceiling.


The finalists had two days to prepare for the final battle, but Yoiloshi couldn't stand watching Sheyhan in the gym, watching her prepare to fight her lover.

Her therefore spent most of his time wandering, as he and Sheyhan did on that night, through the many attractions in Midgeria. He couldn't help but wander in the same places she and himself had wandered on that night. He visitied the same ice cream parlours, the same boat ride, the same beach...the same moonlit beach...that they had wandered on...

And then he broke down, and wept.


The champions once again filed into the Dojo, now fully aware that it was in shocking pink. This rather blinded everyone, including Shenghei, even though it was his order that it be put up.

The echoing voice was back again;

"The final of The Martial Discovery Tournament 1999 shall soon commence. In 5 minutes time the finalists shall make their way down to the fighting section to begin the last match. The winner shall gain whatever power they so wish. Yoiloshi has designated he wants his position as the fire God back. And Sheyhan has designated she wants to be rid of her title as a Cherekhee. Please make your way down to the fighting section."

A huge rumble of feet were heard as the audience made their way down to what Yoiloshi thought was surely the place place he would stand.

All too soon, it was time for the final competitors to walk down to the fighting section. Shenghei had his old unnatural smile fixed into place, and he was surely glad, by the looks of it, that he hadn't flopped dead last night and have to call off the Tournament. Paranoid old man...

Yoiloshi and Sheyhan stood 1 metre from each other and bowed.


This was it. It wasn't a dream He was going to have to fight his beloved.

He waited for the tell tale roar and sound of sprouting horns... but it never came. She wasn't sprouting horns. She was normal, waiting, not moving. Someone was going to have to make the first move. But no one was. They were just standing there, staring...

But then, Sheyhan, who had obviously been thinking along the same lines, broke into a tremendous combo that used up a fair percentage of her psychic power levels. Yoiloshi could only just dodge it.

What came next was the Grendhei move Yoiloshi had inherited from his father. It came down on Sheyhans side, just as he wished he hadn't. The roar came next...he was for it...

The shoulders were sprouting into identical black wings, the gnarled face was back, the huge, foot long spikes along the back ridge...


He had done it, he had broke it, and now, Edrio was his only defence, against a 50ft Cherekhee.

He had to admit, he did give a whole - hearted attempt at doing everything he could to dodge his dragon - opponent. He swished and swerved, dodged and darted, and did everything he could.

It was only until the 6th minute when it finally happened.

He had been doing everything he could, of course, and he had found himself pinned against the side of the fighting section, facing this huge monster, which was bearing it's teeth and getting ready to strike him down, once and for all.

It charged.

And he closed his eyes, and swiped.

That was it.

When he managed to wrench his eyes open, he was standing where he had been standing before, except it was nothing like he knew. There was screamind, crying, even fainting all around him. He didn't know what was going on.

Until he saw the bloody heap in Shenghei's arms.

Fearing the worst, he rushed through the crowd, which had gone completely silent, too see Sheyhan with a huge scar across her face. She opened her eyes dimly to the comparative light of the room. She looked at Yoiloshi and smiled.

"You...did it.." She said, in a weary voice. "You got... your powers...back..."

"Don't leave me now," croaked Yoiloshi, with tears in his eyes. "I've only just begun to know you..."

But she just shook her head, very slowly. "No... I must go on... you've defeated me...you have your powers back.... i just...want you...to know.... i.......love....you."

And her head finally crept to her shoulder, gone, while Yoiloshi wept at her side.


Yoiloshi clung the champion's belt tightly at his side. He had no need to walk this time, he had gained his powers back, and could simply leviate home using the flame platform. However, he still felt empty...

He had not said his goodbyes to the many that he had known at the Dojo, he had only shaken hands with them as he left. He felt that his throat might blow up if he opened his mouth.

Levitating back over the coast and into the sun set was a lot more difficult than he had originally planned. It was only when he was fully out of the earshot of Midgeria that he finally broke down and screamed out his tears to the setting sun. But as he looked up... he saw her... Sheyhan...

"Don't worry," she whispered in a distant voice, "I will always wait for you..."

"And i for you." He replied.

And with that, she faded away, now only a distant memory...

The End.