*** memmory
---- somewhere else

Now and Then

Avan quickly dodgned the upcoming soldier,Ducking at the soldiers blows and then plunging a dagger through the soldiers heart from behind.

"Aww,Avan,Howcome you get all the fun?"

Avan turned around,it was his childhood friend,Mystique,whom had complained.He got the big soldier of him

"come on,Ill Get get the jewel"

Avan walked over bodies of dead soldiers all the way to a statue,he held out a small yellow pendant which started glowing,soon the statue broke revealing a purple gemstone,as he picked up the jewel his mind raced of to distant memories


"Hey Avan!"

6 Year old Avan turned around to face a young girl about his age,she was a few inches shorter.She had long golden hair and she wore a long white dress.In her forehead,a small white gemstonestood.In her back there was two small white wings and in her right hand she held a staff twice her size.It was silver and at the top there was pure white light.Avan turned around to face the young girl,he smiled brightly


Avan turned around,his brown eyes glistened,he picked up a small flower and handed it to the small angel girl in front of him,the girl smiled brightly

"Thank you Avan.."


"Avan?Hellooooo?You There?Earth to Avan!"

Mystique shook her hand in front of Avans face,Avan quickly shaked back

"yeah come on let-"

Before Avan could finish,him a Mystique where surrounded by soldiers,all swords drawn pointed at the two young thirteen year olds,they were trapped.


Hieno mixed a small empty cup,he was around 30,he had black hair and eyes.In front of him sat one of his councelors,an elder.The Elder stod up

"ah,looks like we need more water,Ill call the maids"

Hieno stoped him

"no no no,I have a special one"

Hieno clapped three times and a young,thirteen year old girl,with a faded golden hair and hazel eyes which have clearly lost their spark came in,she wore one of those black maids outfits,she bowed

"Yes sir"

Hieno pointed the empty glass to the girl


the girl bowed

"yes sir"

and she left the room,the elder turned to Hieno in confusion

"Don't you want one?"

Hiebo smirked evily,he put his arm to the back of his chair

"Oh,I will want one"

He pulled a dagger from the back of his chair and shot it at the elder through the heart killing him instantly.The young maid walked in and handed the glass to Hieno,Hieno stood up and walked behind her and whispered in her ear

"This is what happens when you betray me"

To Be Continued…….
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