Three Months Later.

The waiting room was deserted. Though not totally unprecedented, it was unusual for this hospital to have a slow day, as Johns Hopkins University Medical Center was a clinical leader in so many medicinal fields. Scottman paced the floor anxiously. He couldn't remember being this nervous.ever. Today he and Lara would find out the results of the battery of tests designed to determine if the Phoenix virus had indeed been passed on between them.

"Stop. Just stop." Murray said from her chair. She was nervous too. As much as she wanted to present a strong image, she was scared. For some reason, morbid curiousity, or just plain stupidity, she'd pleaded with Scottman to tell her what had happened to Killian before he'd been killed. She was pretty sure he didn't tell her everything, but what she knew was more then enough to make her blood run cold. The anxiety wasn't just whether or not the Phoenix virus had taken up residence. She had felt strangely ever since the ordeal had finished almost two months ago. She had chalked it up to the impending trial for Mark Lamper, but deep down she already knew what was really troubling her.

"Ms. Murray. Mr. Scottman." The doctor said, coming down the hallway. He wasn't dressed in scrubs or the typical white coat. He wore a pair of tan slacks and a blue shirt with a bright yellow tie. He did have the omnipresent stethoscope around his neck though.

"Why don't we go down to my office?" He asked, gesturing with his right hand. Scottman turned to Murray, offering his hand, which she immediately took. They followed the man down the hall to a small office set in the back corner of the building. The doctor walked around to his side of the desk, sitting down. Scottman and Murray took the two chairs opposite him.

"Lara, as far as we can determine, you're not infected with the so- called "phoenix virus." He said. A huge sigh escaped her lips, although her feeling of apprehension didn't fade as much as she thought it would. Scottman however almost broke out in a full fledged laugh.

"Thank you Lord." He said, pumping his fist once in the air. He turned to kiss her, but stopped as he saw that her face hadn't lost it's look of concern. He looked over at the doctor. The smile faded from his face.

"What is it?" He questioned. He looked back at Murray, sensing that somehow she already knew what it was.

"Patrick, she's pregnant." The doctor let out a long breath before continuing. "And we think the baby is infected. I'm sorry."

Scottman sank to his knees, his grip on Lara Murray's hand falling away as well. A single tear slashed across his cheek, gravity pulling it down his sullen face.

"No guilt Patrick." Murray whispered, as tears crossed her face as well.

"No guilt." Scottman repeated as he lay his head across her stomach. "No guilt."