When Coyote Howls

Moonlight pours though my window

As white clouds play on a dark blue canvas

The breeze caresses my face

Like a memory of your gentle touch

I gaze upon the many stars

I can hear the train wail from Downtown

It contrasts with the empty loneliness

Of the dark hills

Another warm breeze

Visits my room, carrying the cries of coyotes

The streetlights on the hills

Look like stars that have lost their way

The quiet roar of cars passing by

Filters in with the music of the wastelands

Out of the darkness, from behind the veil of dusk

Step a lone coyote

It was lean and beautiful in its desert way

For a moment, just a fleeting moment

I thought it reminded me of someone

How strange that I see its eyes

So clear from my window

Dark brown eyes, tan fur ruffled by the breeze

Looked up at me

It let out a shrill howl

I was at ease

It turned and ran off, back to the hills

I lay on my bed trying to remember

Who the Coyote was

As the warm breeze blew again

The coyotes cried out in unison

And I slept peacefully

Once more