When you laughed at me and hurt me,
So what?
When you felt that you could break me,
So what?
You only wanted to hurt me
Because I wasn't like you
Because I have my own mind
"So what?" You said.

When you treated me like a freak,
So what?
When you verbally abused me,
So what?
You have this misconception that you're special
Because you're wealthy and pretty
Because your mummy buys you everything
"So what?" You said.

When you stabbed me in the back,
So what?
When you betray all your so-called friends,
So what?
You dress in low-cut tops and mini-skirts
Just so the guys can notice you
Everyone knows that you're the town whore
"So what?" You said.

I hope you know that I don't give a damn,
If you end up in a dump
When you lose all your money
When all your friends realise what you've done
I'll just say "So what?"

I hope that you suffer terribly
For all the things you've done
Both to me and other people
I hope you fall off a cliff and crack your skull
I'll just shrug and say "So what?"

Then perhaps you'll realise
You really aren't all that
No matter how many times you appear to win
I know that you'll only fail
And I'll just say "So what?"

I know where you are
Don't you try and hide
I'll dig you out and give you everything you deserve

And when you start to cry
Like I did many times because of you
I will not give in
I'll just point and laugh

And then I'll repeat the same two words
Like you always said to me
All those years ago.

"So what?"

(So, what do you think? This poem doesn't flow too well, but that is the entire point. No flames, or I'll be forced to rip off your head and shove it up your own arse.)