A Turkey's Tale!
By Pie

A lone turkey sat
Upon a flat plate;
He cried and he cried
At the curse of his fate.
He yelled at the Pilgrims,
And he screamed at the King.
For without those bad guys
His death wouldn't ring.
He dreamt of the butter
And of berries in bogs-
Of why, oh why
Couldn't people eat hogs?
His soul put down
And his spirit diminished,
He finally gave up.
That's it- he was finished!
He was put on a platter
And carried by Ned,
Then was set on the table
Next to the bread.
"Oh no!" Came suddenly,
"I haven't a clue!
I've made a mistake!
Oh, what should I do?"
Mom ran to the calendar
As quick as a flash,
She grabbed up that turkey
With a hop and a dash.
She said to the turkey,
"How can I repay?
For sure as anything
It's not Turkey Day!"
The turkey stood up
On this Valentine's
He fell out the door
Amongst all the pines.
He danced and he pranced
And he giggled with glee.
He heard a loud thwack;
He was brought to his knee!
His head snapped around.
Oh- what would he find? A large arrow sat
Jutting out his behind!
But wait- he was free!
He shouldn't be shot.
It was Valentine's Day,
A killing day- not!
A lone cherub sat
On a rotting tree stump,
He had hearts in his eyes
Focused on the shot rump.
The turkey blinked twice
Could this be Cupid?
He was going to eat him!
Now isn't that stupid?