I gazed through the window in the city bus and looked out at the dark night and saw glowing lights from the tall skyscrapers. I looked up and saw figures moving and wandering among the window or I saw an object still but bright. When the bus pulled to a stop at the street my boyfriend lived near. I slowly stood up gracefully holding the pole and I walked off the bus. I stood at the corner for sometime waiting for him to pick me up.

No one came.

I was getting nervous and even more nervous by the second. I was standing at about 8:30 pm in the Westside streets of L.A. I was really worried and I was tempted to get on the next bus and go wherever it took me. I waited and waited. Still no one came. But then out of no where, the payphone rang.

I stared at it and heard it ring three times before I wandered over and picked it up.

"Hello? I am sorry, this isn't the person you expected to answer the phone I am sure," I said nervously.

"No, this is exactly who I wanted to pick up the phone," The voice on the other line was low and husky.

"Hello? Who are you? What is your name?" I asked cautiously.

"You know who I am, I am what I am and you know what that is." He laughed.

I slammed the phone loudly and quickly looked around for any suspicious characters talking on the phone in their houses. I saw no lights on in this area of the town. I waited and waited again. Still no one came. I dialed my boyfriend's number and reached the answering machine. I hung up abruptly not thinking that leaving a message might actually have helped. I wandered away and decided I should leave a message. I wandered back since no one had used the phone I hit redial.

"I knew you would be calling," The voice echoed back not just through the phone but it hit me in my head too it seemed.

I slammed the phone down again. What is wrong with me? He is just some psycho who probably has nothing to do but prank calls on silly girls like me. I hit redial again and wanted to catch him.

"I knew you would be tempted to call back," He snickered.

"Where are you?" I asked casually.

"You know where I am," He said maturely.

"No, you tell me Joe," I declared.

I heard a sudden click followed by a dial tone and knew he had hung up. I was getting nervous thinking that he could be anywhere. Even behind me with a cell phone. I turned around quickly thinking he would be there but saw only a black darkness of trash cans and dumpsters. I sat down and hummed a tune to keep me preoccupied. In the darkness I heard a sudden drip of water and I whistled quieter and slower. I didn't know what to do. I tried listening harder and heard rustling feet move behind me. I turned around again and flung my nail filer out. I made karate chop noises and yelled, "Go away," many times. I jumped. The phone was ringing again.